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Survival and Outdoor Saftey

December 1, 2013

A few years back many of the women Hikers started talking about feeling unsafe out on the Trails. This went for both Hiking and Biking. As a male, it was something I never much considered. So……after a few open Hike discussions, we sat down around a Campfire, and the women put together their thoughts on what they felt made them feel safer out on the Trails. What is good about these WOMEN SAFETY sheets, is that they where put together by women, for women. A women’s insight on feeling safer outdoors. We also exchanged ideas with one another on the simple things that did so much when it came to making anyone more safe out in the local Parks. You can Download the WOMENS SAFETY sheets here. The main intention for these Safety Sheets where for the comfort and safety of Women, out on the Trails. But the shared ideas here work well for EVERYONE out in the Parks, and also help out in a Survival situation.



It has been a few years since we all talked of this concern together. I have come to realize that there is much connected between personal safety and survival, while out in the Forests. Many of the items we may carry along with us for Survival, do double duty when it comes to personal safety. Here is a picture of what I carry on every Hike I take. The Bag that goes around my shoulder is my Camera bag, and I use it as a base to carry other survival and safety items. There are two different Flashlights. One is small, and also contains a magnifying glass, Compass and high pitched whistle. The other Flashlight is a very bright beam, that doubles as a signal light and is fashioned to be used as a stabbing tool.

The knife on the Camera bag strap has many, many uses. It works with my flint and magnesium strip to start a fire. It has a small wood cutter on one side of the blade. I keep this knife, sharp enough to shave with. In a defensive mode, it would easily cut directly through the thickest coat and reach the skin of any assailant. The Walking Stick I use is one of the older style types. It weighs a bit more, but it is indestructible, with a sharpened poker-like end to it. I certainly would not want to be “impaled” by this. There is a Cool web site that still make these older, self-defense style sticks, called “Bear Sticks”. You can check them out at the link here: BEAR STICKS  BearStick

Also dangling from my Camera bag is a small container of “Pepper Spray”. It was purchased at a local Police supply store. It contains the maximum legal strength of Pepper spray the public can use legally. With all the funny laws out there, the last thing anyone needs is to be sued for protecting ones self by spraying an individual attempting to attack you. Empty this small canister on an Attacker, and he or she, will definately be going to the ground. I also carry some “Pepper Wash” in one of the pockets of my Camera bag.

Because I use this Camera Bag as my base for Hiking, it allows me to carry quite a bit easily, over my shoulder with ease. This includes some goodies, and other personal needs like Insect repellent and Water. One of the very best SURVIVAL KITS I have ever seen, was put together by a friend-Jim, at M4040 web site. The items in his Survival Kit are store bought individually, or put together by what he had in his own home. It is OUTSTANDING! Download the M4040 Survival Kit here.




Just as an extra thought here. There should be things we all should have packed in our Cars at all times, through every season, whether we are heading out to the Trails at that moment or not. These items make a great base for safety, and have many, many uses for Survival as well. Download the CAR OUTDOOR KIT here. It is amazing how many things we all use for outdoor survival, works for outdoor safety and self defense. I hope this article and Download sheets helps out everyone in feeling safe and calm while outdoors. Because isn’t one of the reasons we head outdoors is to feel good about things and calm about the world?



Womens Safety Guide sheets

July 21, 2011

Well….we have tallyed all of your suggestions and ideas connected with a safer outdoor experience for not only women, but everyone. Hiking Michigan would like to thank all of you outdoors people who participated in helping us put together ideas and suggestion to make everyone’s outdoor experience a safe and enjoyable one.

It has been an interesting month of emails, on-line postings and our Womens Safety Hike discussions. Many varied opinions on this subject. Everything from total fear of a wmen heading into the forest alone, to no fear what so ever in traveling anywhere in our Park systems as a women alone. So this subject has produced many faces with many solutions and suggestions.

No matter how you may feel on this subject, it is never a bad thing to share the experience and knowledge of other trail and Park users, and to be prepared when heading out into the outdoors. With that in mind, we put together the many ideas and suggestions from you outdoors people, into a 2 page Guides sheet for Womens Safety in the Outdoors. This can be applied to everyone as well as just women in the outdoors.

We hope this Guide will be of assistance in educated people and giving a good sense of safety and encouragement to all of those who have let certain things stop them from venturing into the Outdoors. There is much to be gained from an outdoors experience, and anything that restricts that, needs to be addressed or fixed. So GO GET OUTDOORS! It is for EVERYONE!

You can download the 2 page Guide for Womens Safety in the Outdoors here: WOMENS SAFEY GUIDE


Womens Safety HIKE Reviewed

July 11, 2011

Another blazing Hot day, yet many Hikers showed up again. And EVERYONE stayed for the Campfire discussions on Womens safety in the Outdoors. EVERYONE. Thanks All!
On Hot days like this one, it seems everyone has different paces of hiking. Darrin took the faster hikers ahead, and I remained with us slower hikers to sweat in the back of the pack. happy.gif Lots of ripe Black Raspberries along the entire trail. Gorged ourselves a number of times along the way. Since Holly has so much Sassafras, we also had to indulge in a little bit of chewing and sniffing. Nice mixture of varied people on this hike. Lots of outdoor knowledge amoungst this group. The language for the day was…..german. We actually had 5 people who spoke German and they did. Pretty interesting doing International Hiking. happy.gifVOLKSMARCHING.
Ater the Hike we all gather under the trees near the Campfire and started eating and talking. Darrin brought this interesting treat of wrapped apples in cinimon and brown suger, which was roasted over the fire. WOW! delisious. And it does’nt get better then when Ashook is there with his famous campfire Chai Tea. Endless brownies, Muffins, Watermellon and all types of treats.
With the diverse age groups and many people discussing Womens Safety in the Outdoors, I nore many notes on ways to protect ones self as well as opinions on just how little and how much this problem really was in our Parks. I think the compilled list of suggestions and opinions on this subject will make for some good TIPS and ideas for everyone heading into our Parks, especially thos who wish to Hike solo. Look for a three page review in the next week or so.
Thank You so very much to all the people who not only participated at this Hike….but to the over 100 emails I have recieved with ideas and suggestions as well. You are all helping others to experience the things that you do, and in a calm and safe manner. Great Work Gang!

Kathy sent in a few pictures form the Hike. She actually took pictures. I mearly took my camera for another hike inside my carrying case. It enjoyed it though. happy.gif
Rich posted a nice album on our Facebook page. Check that out too.


WOMEN in the Outdoors

June 7, 2011

An interesting conversation came up at the Holly RECREATION 101 Hikes. Women, hiking the trails of our local Parks. Not just alone, but even in small groups. It was told to me how unsafe most women feel when hiking many of the local trails. Many have even felt un-safe while riding their bikes on some of the Pathway systems. I was appalled by these comments.

I guess I have never realized just how deep the safety issue went, with women in the outdoors. As a male, I have always just got in my car, went to where ever I wanted to go, and headed into the woods;. Bushwhacking or trailing. And it never mattered to me whether I was alone or with a partner or not. I guess I have taken this ease of outdoor access, for granted. It is definitely not what most women can do, or will do.

The solice and quiet I have experienced while being alone by a stream or overlooking a pond on a hillside, have been defining moments in my life. The solitude has allowed me to think about personal problems or just relax to a point I cannot achieve in any other way. I realized for the first time on our Hike, that most women have not experienced this. Even when they have headed out either alone or with another female partner, they have felt a security issue. There watching, safety issues and many other things that all take away from the very things I have gone to remote places in our parks to achieve. And f I feel this is unacceptable for women.

On the HM Facebook page and our Bulletin Board, we have been asking for ideas and suggestions on ho we can better these situations for women in the outdoors. There have been some great ideas and suggestions for safety, posted on this on-line portals. But there needs to be even more. Look for an upcoming Hike that will address this very issue of not only safety for women in the outdoors, but something even better then that. A women’s chance to actually feel the calm, beauty and nurturing qualities of Nature, without the fear for her safety. Let us know how you feel about this, or if you have any suggestions.

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