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Wildflower Viewing

March 27, 2013

After my last post about Southeastern Michigan Spring Flowers, our good friend in Birding, Dr. Bob, sent me a number of emails with places to best view Michigan’s Spring Blooms. He contacted many of the Birders he knows, who are out in the field heavy at this time of year because of the Bird migrations taking place right now and over the next month. He received quite  few responses and put them together here, for us.


A really nice spring ephemeral wildflower show can be enjoyed at Nan Weston
Preserve in SW Washtenaw County.   It’s near Sharon Hollow.

And wildflower enthusiasts should know about WildOnes, an organization
devoted to native plants especially as relates to their use in gardening.
The local Ann Arbor chapter runs an email list which is very lightly used,
but a good resource for these types of questions.


Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy has a wonderful preserve (Springhill Nature Preserve) off of Berry Road in Superior Township that is loaded with wildflowers.  They have a spring walk, usually early in May.  You can check with them about the time:


In the vicinity of Milford, there is Kensington Metropark, and the forests near the nature center have some of the best spring shows around.  Interpreters at the nature center can give you some very good suggestions.  The show has begun.
The birding is very good too.  There must be plenty of nice waterfowl on the lake now.
Before the deer surge, the displays of showy trilliums were spectacular.  I think they have recovered a bit after the deer herd was reduced.

Those interested in our flora might also find the Michigan Botanical Club helpful.
And for SE Michigan:


Celebrating wildflowers! This is the National Forest Service web site with Links to the various Parks and their Wildflower viewing.

Wildflower Viewing Areas in the Eastern Region



A big THANKS to Dr. Bob and all you Birders out there, who contributed to the list of suggestions for viewing Southeastern Michigan’s best Wild Flowers. Along with the Birding frenzy, those wild flowers will be kicking in shortly. What a great time of year here in Michigan. Hope to see you all out in the Parks Birding while you stroll through the Wild Flowers. 🙂

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