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State Park Trails Help

March 14, 2011

Because of the lack of funding for the whole parks and waterway systems in our state, the DNR will not be doing much for trails maintenance this year. We are all hoping that the new PASSPORT license plate program will change all of that by the end of this year. Hopefully heading into 2012, the funds will start to return in maintaining and improving all our parks and waterways in Michigan. Everyone needs to participate in the new PASSPORT program.

In the meantime, how about HM members doing some paybacks to all the S.E. Michigan State parks that have done us so well these years in Hiking. Many of the park supervisors and staff have accommodated our group in so many ways. For this reason alone, I feel personally beholding. BUT……on even a bigger reason, it would feel real good to give back to the natural environments that have given so much to all of us and our State.

May I suggest that we start a Trails maintenance program here at Hiking Michigan. Starting this spring, we can plan specific Hikes that would include trimming overhanging branches and foliage from the trails, while we do a Hike on one of the trail loops. No heavy physical labor, just some trimming as we go. We can learn something about different plants, how to maintain a trail, water drainage and possibly on occasion, get one of the Park staff to inform us even more about the various aspects of trails, their maintenance, and some of the plant and animal lives they affect.

Hiking Michigan will supply a hearty Lunch around a campfire for each Trails Help Hike that we do. A great way to have some fun hiking, get some fulfillment at helping our parks and trails, and of course have some good chow around a campfire together.

So……what say you all? Lets give back some time and effort towards the parks & Trails that have given us so much all of these years. If you have any further ideas or suggestions on this subject, please contact me at:

Check out more details on the new funding for our parks and waterways in Michigan, through the PASSPORT license plate program.  Recreational Passport

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