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So What do you Do?

November 15, 2012

Summer is gone……Fall has faded…….and the best we get for the moment is the 40 degree, sunny afternoon. The big snows are next. Bummer? NO. If you where born here in Michigan, you understand that we are the lucky people who experience all four seasons.

OH…….Big deal you say. YES……it is a big deal. I know it takes some adjustment every year, to let all the green and beautiful temperatures go away, and then be expected to embrace sub-zero weather, mounds of snow, and digging out your car after you wake to an 8 inch night-time snow fall.

But……if you bundle yourself up and head out into the forest, after one of those evening 8 inch snow falls, wonder and beauty awaits. Those blankets of clean fresh snow covering everything. Fresh animal tracks. The echoes of Birds in what is now caverns of snow cover. THE QUIET! Nothing is more peaceful and quite then the deep forest after a fresh snow fall.

YES Again… all can be a big pain in the butt, and each year, as I get older, I find a new excuse on why I want Spring to return quicker. But those fade immediately after the first real snow fall. Then it’s Snowman building, Snow shoeing, Snow Hiking, Sledding, and of course those long stops of contemplating solitude, deep in the woods, where there is nothing but the sounds of the Birds and wandering critters.

Try to embrace this years Winter. If you where born here in Michigan, you have to be tired of whining about it by now. 🙂 It is part of our unique state. It is just another reason I remain here in Michigan and will die here in Michigan. I have been to most of the states in the USA and many places in Canada. I have travels to many remote places around the world. But it is Michigan, with it’s four seasons, endless lakes and streams, rolling forested hills and meadows, that keep me satisfied.

There is an old saying that goes…….The views can be had from the Hilltops, but the fruit grows in the Valleys. What this means is……here in Michigan, we have the diversity of many different habitats, natural environments and unique places due to all the water and diversity of the lands. We also have the four seasons which effect all of this.

So embrace Winter. It is OK to wine a bit when it is time to dig out the car. But after you have finished, head out and enjoy the outdoors and another beautiful season in Michigan.

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