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Natural Resources Survey

March 13, 2012

New director of the DNR, Mr. Rodney Stokes has put together a survey to assist the DNR in getting a response from the owners of our state lands and waterways in Michigan….YOU. The DNR is asking us Users, what we think should be done with proper Stewardship and helping our Natural resources, to keep our Parks & Waterways, a healthy place for now and future generations.

Without a healthy Natural Resource base, there is no outdoor experience. Just amusement rides and games. Hunters, Hikers, Geocachers, Mushroom hunters, Birders, Fisherman all depend on a healthy well managed natural Resource base for their outdoor experience. Please take Mr. Stokes survey and let him know, that the majority of park and waterway users in our state, want a healthy Natural Resource based Parks system. Not more amusement rides and paved trails. But rather, a well manged ecosystems that produce healthy trees, plants, critters and waterways in which our outdoor experiences are based in.

This is your chance as the majority Users of our Parks and waterways, to tell the head of the DNR what YOU want to see our agency do for the people of the state of Michigan. That is to proper manage and maintain a healthy Natural resource base for now and future generations in our state.

Please take a moment and do Mr. Stokes survey and guide our DNR in the proper directions in dealing with our Natural resources in Michigan. Let them know we want healthy ecosystems and waterways for this generation an future generations. A real outdoor experience can only be had in a healthy Natural Resources based environment. Ask any Hunter, Hiker, Geocacher, Birder, Mushroom hunter, or fisherman.

Please take the time and answer Mr. Stokes survey on the future plans for our Natural resources here in Michigan. tell our DNR we want a healthy environment, where the natural system produces a healthy natural resources base, and not something manufactured and manipulated to appear that way.

You can access the survey here:

I hope the DNR listens to the survey responses and realizes their jobs are not to create entertainment or an outdoors experience for us people of Michigan. They are not our Mommies & Daddies. Their Mission statement says they are to maintain and nurture a healthy Natural Resources for now & future generations. No outdoor experience is a good one without quality and a healthy Natural resources ecosystem. I am wondering where that got lost over the years with our DNR. Time for them to listen to the majority of Users who enter our Parks and lands on Foot and do not need a DNR official holding our hands while we enjoy an outdoor experience. Just keep it healthy and available for our children. That;s your only real job.

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