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September 9, 2012

I know this post might not be so Outdoor related, but it is something that this group, Hiking Michigan has taught me over the last 14 years. It has been a very interesting time meeting thousands of people, working with all different types of individuals, all relating under their love and respect for the outdoors in some way.

For most of my life (mostly business) I would always say that you never really knew the true nature of a person until they where pushed into a corner, and had no other way out. That’s when their real personality and beliefs showed up. I would tell that observation to other people and they would grimiss. In a way agreeing with the observation, but like me, not being happy with the fact that this was the best way to see the real person inside someone.

These last 3 months, nearly dieing, the extensive and lonely hospital stays, the intense pain and all the things that no one would ever volunteer for, has also taught me some valuable and unpredictable lessons.

The biggest of those lessons was that people can show their true inner selves, without being pushed into a corner with no other way out. The kindness and consistent loving support I have relieved from just not family, but my Outdoors family too at Hiking Michigan has shown me many things.

Just getting back to Hikes now, and HM helped out a young Eagle Scout do a program of Invasive species removal to save a FEN out at Ortonville. I attended this work session/gathering along with many Scouts, Scout Leaders and a few HM members. One in particular was my inseparable trail buddy for the entire day. Now this has happened over the years, where even though I interact with everyone at a Hike, there might be one individual I spend most of my time with.

Well….as the day went on, the sun came out and he suggested we get out of the sun and take a break, which we did. Where ever we roamed in this vast FEN area, I seemed to never be out of sight of this person. Upon our return to the meeting Tent and some Scout supplied Pizza, I found that he had supplied a chair for me. The only folding chair there. All these little things, without direct mention, and with no direct pampering, turned out to be something very special.

I did not realize this until I was driving home from the gathering. This person had come to the Event to watch over me. He did it with respect and by not making me feel like the cripple I now sometimes feel like, still not having recouped completely from all this bad health and surgeries. These where the actions of a real friend.

He was not pushed into a corner or forced in any way to do the things he did all afternoon. He did them with great respect to me, allowing me to participate with the Event and not feel like I was not capable or singled out in front of all the people attending.

There are single acts of kindness. The friend who comes and picks you up with just a telephone call, when your car breaks down. The friend who helps you move. (and that’s a big one) 🙂  But the person who plans their entire afternoon around making sure my afternoon was a fun and full-filling one, without saying a word about it, was a friend that gave me something I thought could only be obtained when pushed into a corner and forced to reveal their true nature.

To this true friend I say THANK YOU. And that does not cover his actions. To all you wonderful Hiking Michigan people who have stood by your Group, continued to participate in Web discussions, sent me many Get Well emails and cards, and who just have been here CONSISTENTLY (and that is the big Key) I say Thank You for not only being my real friends, but for showing others the true nature of real people.

These kinds of consistent actions of integrity, kindness, sharing and hope, are the things all of you have shown the other members and what has been the glue with the love for the Natural world, in this Group. It is what has made us special and unique. It is why we are the largest Hiking Organization in Michigan. The second largest outdoor group in our state, second only to MUCC. It is why our interacting Blogs get 100-150 HITS per day, every day. It is why, even while we have taken this long break of over 3 months, we still have received over 500 new members in S.E.MI. and 200 new members for our new Hiking North/Central Group.

Thank You HM people for teaching me much about the outdoors with your sharing attitudes and showing me many things about human nature as well. Real Friends are hard to come by. Sure… can have 1,000 Facebook friends. But how many are Real? You all have blessed my life, expanded my brain and brightened my heart. Experiences I would never have had the opportunities to explore so often, without our Hikes and Outdoor activities as a Group.


Why are Natural Resources so IMPORTANT

July 14, 2012

No matter what you like to do in the outdoors. Hike, Hunt, Fish, Bird, Geocache, Kayak, etc. a healthy and quality Natural Resources is required. In fact….a quality Natural Resources system, produces a quality outdoor recreational experience.

So why is it that our own Department of Natural Resources, does not understand this? The DNR seems to be in the business of outdoor Recreation 101 and not watching after OUR Natural Resources, as they where instructed to do by the people of the state of Michigan.

This has now passed any political stand or a way in thinking about these things. OUR DNR is required to watch after our lands and waterways, which belong to all the people in this state. The recent reports of Asian Carp DNA being found in Lake Erie is just another failure on this agencies abilities to do the jobs required of them.

They are focused on spending our money…..the money we gave them in PASSPORT support, believing it would be used to repair a crumbling infrastructure and to also start the attack on the enormous Invasive species over-run of our state. Instead……our DNR is building Adventure Centers in downtown Detroit. leasing Belle Isle from the city of Detroit and purchasing land for more one-way, Linear Bike Trails to nowhere.

Why do these people not get this? What is it they do not understand? Does Ron Olson, the head of Parks & Recreation for our DNR, think we do not have to tend to our Natural Resources, and all he has to do is control our outdoor Recreational experiences? I do not remember asking Ron to do this. Who says he is even capable of doing this if we did ask him. And we are not.

Invasive species……the DNR has ONE staff member to handle this in 11 Parks in S.E.MI.  The rest of the work is done by Volunteers from the public. Go ahead and even try and contact that one Steward for the DNR, responsible for Invasive species. Good Luck. Yet the name of our Agency is the DNR…..the Department of Natural Resources. Ask yourself what is wrong with this picture. Sorry……the DNR did put their stamp of approval on an ice-cream they now sanction.

It is time for some HUGE changes at our DNR. Time for many to retire, some to be fired and others to be looked at to even see if they are capable of doing their real jobs. protecting our NATURAL RESOURCES in our state. I think there are many DNR personal that have forgotten who they work for and what their jobs are. Maybe removing our support for the PASSPORT system will wake up our employees.


How do you look at Life

May 25, 2012

So I have had the time recently to roam around my life and the things I have done and not done. Looking at what I have accomplished and failed at. While again sitting on a hillside overlooking a Pond surrounded by hardwoods & Pine trees, I realized there are no failures. If I have tried my very best at whatever it is I have attempted, then there is no actual failing at anything.

What is that failure based on. How others look at it, or how YOU look at it? Did you learn anything from your attempts? Then what was there to fail at? It seemed to me that much of our lives are based on how other perceive our actions. How could almost anyone understand each of our individual actions. They do not have all the facts, nor do they see all that we see on something WE are attempting to do.

So how could I be judged by anyone on something I have done my absolute very best at? Well…..I cannot. And anyone attempting to judge me on how they supposedly see my actions live in a false and shallow world themselves. How could they possibly know what I have attempted to accomplish or do with myself or life? So how could they possibly judge me then?

Does this all sound like gibberish? I hope it does not. We all need to know these things and understand that we live our lives with our best efforts and best attempts at doing what we feel is right and at the best level we can do them. For some this ends up being one thing, and for someone else, it is something else. But the important part is that we did our very best in the most honest ways.

So as I melted into the Pond below me, and became part of the whole thing, I came to realize that just being one of the Pine trees there is the best I could be. I wasn’t the biggest tree there, or the most beautiful tree. But I had done my best and I was contributing to this ecosystem in a positive way. And it didn’t matter if that was all that I was. It was important to the whole and I had done my best at it. What more could I have done? And who could possibly criticize me for it? Only a Fool would say that it was not enough or that they could be a better tree. All the trees there contributed to the system as a whole, so there was no such thing as a better tree. Everything else was just the silly human games we play to hold others down, hurt each other for no reason other then our own egos, or try to be better then someone else through false criticism.

The trees do not do these things. They work with one another in connection with the Pond, and cooperation with the grasses, flowers, birds and insects, to produce something very wonderful…..together. And this is the best it all can be.


Natural Resources Survey

March 13, 2012

New director of the DNR, Mr. Rodney Stokes has put together a survey to assist the DNR in getting a response from the owners of our state lands and waterways in Michigan….YOU. The DNR is asking us Users, what we think should be done with proper Stewardship and helping our Natural resources, to keep our Parks & Waterways, a healthy place for now and future generations.

Without a healthy Natural Resource base, there is no outdoor experience. Just amusement rides and games. Hunters, Hikers, Geocachers, Mushroom hunters, Birders, Fisherman all depend on a healthy well managed natural Resource base for their outdoor experience. Please take Mr. Stokes survey and let him know, that the majority of park and waterway users in our state, want a healthy Natural Resource based Parks system. Not more amusement rides and paved trails. But rather, a well manged ecosystems that produce healthy trees, plants, critters and waterways in which our outdoor experiences are based in.

This is your chance as the majority Users of our Parks and waterways, to tell the head of the DNR what YOU want to see our agency do for the people of the state of Michigan. That is to proper manage and maintain a healthy Natural resource base for now and future generations in our state.

Please take a moment and do Mr. Stokes survey and guide our DNR in the proper directions in dealing with our Natural resources in Michigan. Let them know we want healthy ecosystems and waterways for this generation an future generations. A real outdoor experience can only be had in a healthy Natural Resources based environment. Ask any Hunter, Hiker, Geocacher, Birder, Mushroom hunter, or fisherman.

Please take the time and answer Mr. Stokes survey on the future plans for our Natural resources here in Michigan. tell our DNR we want a healthy environment, where the natural system produces a healthy natural resources base, and not something manufactured and manipulated to appear that way.

You can access the survey here:

I hope the DNR listens to the survey responses and realizes their jobs are not to create entertainment or an outdoors experience for us people of Michigan. They are not our Mommies & Daddies. Their Mission statement says they are to maintain and nurture a healthy Natural Resources for now & future generations. No outdoor experience is a good one without quality and a healthy Natural resources ecosystem. I am wondering where that got lost over the years with our DNR. Time for them to listen to the majority of Users who enter our Parks and lands on Foot and do not need a DNR official holding our hands while we enjoy an outdoor experience. Just keep it healthy and available for our children. That;s your only real job.

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