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INWOOD Hiking Trails/Stony Creek

May 20, 2013

For over 20 years, the land north of Inwood road and Stony Creek Nature Area was an active Gravel Pit. The land was leased to the Gravel company by the Metro Parks. When the lease was up, about 10 years ago, the Metro Parks took possession once again.


They put alot of time and money into clearing out what the Gravel pitters had left behind. Concrete piles, scrap metals, 55 gallon drums and all types of heavy debris. After years of cleaning up the mess that was left there, Stony Creek Metro Park developed a HIKING Trails area, with ponds and marked trails totaling miles. They did a great job of cleaning out the area. Then it was Mother Natures turn. As the area kinda sat there for the last 5 years or so, Mom got busy with reclaiming her world.

MamaEagleNow, one can Hike the Trails there and see Eagles nests, Osprey nest, Owls nests, Swans, Sandhill Cranes and Massasagua rattle snakes. Yes……the area has many of them. But being cautious, it can be a very unique experience to see a Massasagua snake in the wild. Or how about a pair of nesting Eagles. Relax on one of the resting benches along the Trail and observe the Eagles feeding their youngster. Or check out the Osprey nest. This Osprey was one of the youngsters released many years ago from the Osprey Program at Stony Creek, with the help of many dedicated Volunteers.

Look closely as you travel the Trails and spot one of the many Owls nests. Or again…..observeBestOsprey closely as you travel the area and you may spot one of the Kits from the local Fox den in the Park. There is much to see and experience in this secluded area of the Park.

Some precautions should be taken for being aware of the Massasagua snakes, and wearing some DEET repellent for SKEETER and TICK protection. But those are things we all should be doing no matter what Trails in any Park we maybe Hiking these days.

You can easily spend most of the day Hiking the Trails there and never crossing a road or maybe even not seeing another person. It is very easy, as you get deeper into the Hiking area, to get some very private Nature experiences.

CraneRunSo get on out to the INWOOD HIKING Trails, north of Inwood road and Stony Creek Nature Study area, and experience and area packed with Birds and wildlife. It is almost hard to believe that this place was a Gravel Pit for so many years, and has been reclaimed by the hard work of the Metro Parks and Mother Nature. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Please read the article below about the huge increase in TICKS we are experiencing in Southeastern Michigan. With some advanced planning, in most cases you will not have any problems or anything to be concerned about. BE PREPARED! The Boy Scouts motto.


Download a new Map of the INWOOD HIKING TRAILS here.


Some Reminders

April 9, 2013

We try and keep Links to much of our PDF INFO sheets, Maps and other helpful outdoor information, on most of our NET locations. But the best place to go is our web site, where you will always find everything we have, there for Download.

If it is Maps you want, then the Park Maps page is where you need to be. From the PARK Maps page you can also head over to the SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN Parks page. These couple of pages, linked to the main PARK Maps page, have over 120 Maps and Parks listed around S.E. Michigan. Maps on how to get to the Parks, Pictures and many details and contact numbers. Go to the PARKS MAP Page of the HM web site. Or go deeper on those pages and get yourself to the SOUTHEASTERN Michigan Parks page, where you will find those 120 Parks located in S.E. Michigan.

Spring is about to POP. Animal ID sheets, Birding ID, Raptors ID sheets, Heron reports, and all types of Guides are available to Download on the web site DOWNLOADS Page. This single page of the HM web site is being expanded at this moment, to become two full pages of PDF files that are free to Download and print for yourself at home. You may find many of these Info sheets and Guides, useful in your early Springtime explorations.

The Hiking Michigan Outdoor NewsLetter is also available from the HM main website. The quarterly issue is posted on the site to read right there, or Download bits and pieces for home reading. Many excellent and helpful articles from Birding experts, Naturalists and just plain Michigan Hikers, who are willing to share their experiences with all of us for free. Check out the NEWSLETTER Page of the website.

So head on over to the official Hiking Michigan website and check out some of the many things available to You, for Free. Take a look at the Hikes schedule while you are there and see if there is something you would like to join in on. Hopefully there is something that interests you, and we will see you out on the Trails, real soon.


BIRTHDAY/Mapbook HIKE 3/2/13

February 24, 2013

This Saturday, 3/2/13, at Stony Creek Metro Park, we will be celebrating our 15th year in Hiking Michigan. We will meet at the Nature Center parking area at 12 Noon and head out from there.

Our very first Hike took place right here at Stony Creek and had a whole 4 people on that Hike. Our Birthday celebration Hike last year had over 70 people in attendance.

As a gift to our now 6,000 members, we will be handing out a free copy of our Mapbook, HIKING SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN Volume I. Volume II is due our this Spring. You can download our latest map of Stony Creek here. It is very different then our original  version of 15 years ago.  DOWNLOAD STONY MAP HERE


There are many other free maps you can download to explore the many Parks in and around Southeastern Michigan, on our PARK MAPS PAGE of the HM web site. CLICK THE LINK TO GO TO THE FREE MAPS PAGE:

If you like what you see on the PARKS MAPS PAGE of the web site, head to the bottom of that page and explore the Southeastern Michigan….EVERY Park there is Page. We are still developing thios new section of our web site, but many of the different Parks availible in S.E.Michigan, no matter who operates them…..the State, Metro Parks, County Parks, anyone……is listed on our map of the 8 county region. CHECK OUT THE NEW PARKS OF S.E.MICHIGAN web site PAGE HERE:


HikingStoreSo come on out and join us for our annual Birthday/Mapbook HIKE at Stony Creek metro Park. EVERYONE is Welcome, even if you just stop in and say Hello and Happy Birthday. We meet at Noon and will hang out for a bit in the Parking area while we pass out Mapbooks and get organized. We will return from our Hike around 2-3pm. If early enough, we will head over to the Nature Center building and enjoy some of the many different Bird species that visit the Feeders there.

Don’t forget your Cameras. We will be exploring ANIMAL TRACKS while out on the Trails. Hopefully we will still have some fresh snow cover to best examine some of the many critters that roam the back end of the Nature Trails. OH by the way……that is where we will be Hiking. In that area of the Nature Trails that not many explore. We may even do a bit a Bushwhacking along Coon Creek if that is what the Group votes on doing. Coon Creek has the name from the many Raccoon tree nests that exist along this secluded and isolated creek in the least traveled section of the entire Park.  Join us for our BIRTHDAY!




This PDF file is two sheets of the most common critters in Michigan



Metro Parks 5 Year Plans

January 25, 2013

Well it seems a bit odd that a new 5 year Parks plan would be happening with our state lands and the DNR and the Metro Parks at the same time. Coincidences like this always make me concerned. They are not usually coincidences. Especially since there has been quite a bit of collusion between the DNR and the Metro Parks these last couple of years.

But I must commend the Metro Parks for at least putting out a Parks Report that truly reflected the real activities taking place at the Metro Parks system, and out in our Forests and Meadows of Southeastern Michigan.

There where a few places in the Report that it was very obvious that someone was trying very hard to push that Paved, Linear BIKE Pathway nonsense, like the DNR is conning everyone about. But for the most part the Report is very informative. It is worth running through. Again….these are the places we all use to get away, enjoy Nature and relax. It is worth watching what is taking place there. Here is the Link to the Metro Parks Parks Report. They will be building a 5 year Plan around this data.

It is worth reading through the information the Metro Parks have collected. One section are the latest Maps and details for each of the 13 parks in the Metro Parks system. This is a wonderful piece of work and great detailed info about each of the Parks.

The DNR has alot of explaining to do. The data that the Metro Parks system collected just does not jive with the DNRs own info. According to,our DNR, Geocaching off Trails does not even take place anywhere in Michigan. Not much Hiking, Birding or Nature activity either. Just a bunch of road and Mountain Bikers whizzing around the state. They are  joined by many Tourists from out of state all wanting to do  the same things……Bike from one location to another. Hundreds of miles they want to Bike. Only that does not jive with another fact our DNR collected and that was that most people enjoy a usual 2hr. segment of time at a State Park. Going to take an awful long time to get from Gaylord to Petosky on those kind of time tables. The math doesn’t add up in the DNR Report. But it does in the Metro Parks Report.

All and all…..Great job on collecting data, examining the 13 Parks, doing quality mapping and Natural Resources analysis and generally being honest about what you put together for determining a quality 5 year Parks Plan. Just do not get fooled by those few idiots who think we are all stupid here in Michigan, and people still believe that most of Michigan wants even more Millions of our dollars spent on BIKE Pathways to Nowhere, to keep private sector, Non Profit groups and their salaried employees in great careers.

Check out the Metro Parks Plans and data collected, here at the Link:


The Smells of Memories

October 31, 2012

It is said that the biggest memory connections in the brain, are triggered by our sense of smell. This isn’t always an easy concept to except until you experience those moments when a smell brings in a flood of memories and images you hardly remembered was there.

I was doing some end of Fall walks with y Mom this past week, along some of the feeder streams at Stony Creek Metro Park. There where more leaves on the ground then left in the trees, so the smell of decaying leaves filled the air. We came upon a beautiful spot along the Creek and sat by the rocks there.

Even though we both smelled the almost overwhelming leaves smell, I guess it was not the right tree leaves we where smelling. When we sat down we both smelled a distinctive decaying leaf smell, that suddenly triggered all types of old memories. That smell of an Elm tree.

Where I grew up, the area was predominately Elm trees, so when the Fall came around, the predominate smell was that of the changing Elm tree leaves. Now…….it may seem a bit strange that an Elm tree should smell that much different, but maybe it was the cool Creek water that carried the aroma and enhanced it. I do not know for sure. But I do know that we both smelled it at the same time.

Almost on cue, both of us started telling stories and reminding one another of the old neighborhood, where I grew up, and Mom raised her family. The memories poured in. We sat there by the Creek for an hour telling stories, one after another.

Right before we stood and continued on our walk, we both realized the same thing. The smell in the air was what had triggered these endless memories. They where sitting there……but it was that special smell that suddenly brought them to the surface. The rest of our Creek walk was a direct connection to the outdoor smells and aromas we would encounter. And sure enough……with each new odor, came a new memory and story.

Suddenly everything felt so familiar. That connection to the aromas and then the release of those stored memories was an excellent experience for the both of us. It didn’t matter anymore where we where walking. We where completely focused on the next smell. 🙂


14 years just keeps on going

January 19, 2012

Here is the C & G NEWS video release of the Stony Creek Anniversary Hike. Bad Bates did us very fine with his review of the group and the promotions of our Parks, here in S.E.Michigan. beautiful pictures from Deb Jacques in the video as well. Thanks to C & G NEWS, from all the Hiking Michigan members!

If you would like to read the written article by Brad Bates, head over to the C & G News web site here;    C & G NEWS site


Stony Creek HIKE reviewed

January 15, 2012

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of our better Hikes. Great turnout of some 45 people. This was our kinda Anniversary hike at Stony Creek Metro Park, where we did our very first Hike as Hiking Michigan, some 14 years ago. 4 people showed up for that Hike. Quite the difference 14 years makes. happy.gif
The C & G Newspapers joined us for this hike. Reporters and photographers came along on the entire 6 mile Hike. We covered alot of the Nature area, including some little unknown spots that I am sure many people will be returning to at a later date. because of the fresh snow, there where plenty of animal tracks around, as well as some deer we scared up.

Not sure what was in the air for this Hike, but everyone came out in great spirits and it reflected on the vibe for the whole Hike. Including some great trail conversations. Kathy baked some superior Cookies for us, and they where waiting the parking area for our return. Eric supplied the waters. About 10 of us didn’t get enough out on the Trails, and headed for some warm dinner at a local Restaurant. It was one of Hiking Michigan’s better Hikes, and how appropriate in our 14th year in existence.

Brad Bates from the C & G News posted this about the upcoming News article.

Happy Anniversary — Thanks for letting C&G Newspapers and the Shelby-Utica News/Rochester Post delay/join your hike for a story on the groups 14th anniversary Jan. 14. Check for a story and video on the groups big day (both will be up by Jan. 18). The story and more photos will run in the Jan. 18-19 edition of our papers.


It’s that time of year again….Park Stickers

January 12, 2012

Don’t forget gang, it is now 2012 and new Park permits are needed for entry. The State Parks are covered by the PASSPORT system when you renew your license plates. The Metro Parks have to be purchased at the Park or on-line. I would suggest if you plan on some even semi-regular Hiking, that you purchase a State PASSPORT sticker and an annual Metro Parks sticker. There is also a pretty good deal with a combo Metro Parks/Oakland Co. Parks stickers combo Pass. Annual Passes are your best bargains. They pay for themselves after just a few visits, rather then constant daily Pass purchases.

Here is the Link for a Metro Parks sticker and the combo Metro Parks/Oakland Co. Parks Passes.

Here is the DNR PASSPORT info and Q&A for State Parks.,4570,7-153-10365_55798_58027-234654–,00.html




October 28, 2011

Here is the latest map for the north section of Wolcott Mill Metro Park. There are 2 other sections, as the Park grows due to more adjoining lands being purchased by the Metro Parks. This north area is where we will be Hiking on Saturday.

Download a copy of the Wolcott Mill Metro Park Map.


New HIKES Schedule

June 22, 2011

We have finished our new HIKES Scheulde and you can download a PDF version at the Link below. Come on out and join us for one of the Hikes. ALL are WELCOME.


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