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October 8, 2013

FallLeavesIt is starting to be that time of year again. When the Trees & Bushes loose their greens and change to a colorful array of reds, yellows, oranges and pinks. There are specific reasons this takes place each year. The weather of course, is the trigger. But the scientific reasons are much deeper then the mear temperature changes at this time of year. Check out our sheet on, “WHY LEAVES CHANGE COLOR”.

What also makes this Info sheet interesting, is that with the knowledge on just why the leaves change, and what Trees & Bushes produce what colors, you can almost select the Fall colors you wish to observe. If you know where there are old Oak trees, you have a good chance of seeing some brilliant red and orange colors in the leaves. Create your own Fall Colors Tour. 🙂


We are very lucky here in Michigan, with some of the very best Fall colors anywhere. A few of my personal favorites in Southeastern Michigan are listed in our Info sheet called……“FALL COLOR TOURS”. The sheet describes some of the best places for Fall Colors in S.E.Michigan.

By understanding some of the reasons why the leaves change color, and what trees produce what specific colors, you can go to places in the area that will please your Fall Colors experience.


For instance……..Highland Recreation area (HAVEN HILL and the NATURAL AREA) have examples of almost every tree that grows in our state. This means you will see almost every Fall color imaginable there. Seven Lakes State Park is another example of a place that has so many different tree species, that you can see almost any co,or you desire there.

In Macomb county, Metro Park, Wolcott Mill, has many old Oak and Maple trees, since the area was settled so long ago. The deep reds and yellows there, are magnificent in these older trees. In the Park and on the old Farm roads that surround the Park, you will enjoy some outstanding colors.

There are of course, many beautiful places through out Michigan to view Fall Colors. Our Info sheet on the “FALL COLORS TOUR”, will help you get started in Southeastern Michigan, with some of the very best.

Here are a few Southeastern Michigan Park Maps to help you roam a bit deeper into the Fall Colors. The maps are free and all are recently GPSed and updated.

HIGHLAND Recreation Area (Haven Hill/Natural Area)

SEVEN Lakes State Park (Near the city of Holly)

WOLCOTT Mill Metro Park & Farm Center (Macomb county)

PONTIAC Lake Recreation Area (off of M59/Highland road, near Highland Rec.)

ORTONVILLE Recreation Area (NE of the city of Ortonville)

If you are looking for more Park maps, stop in at the Hiking Michigan web site, and visit the PARKS MAP Page.



Fall Colors in Macomb County

October 19, 2012

One of the very best places to see Fall colors in Macomb county is at Wolcott Mill Metro Park. The reason I say that, is because you also get the chance to experience some History and Nature rolled together at the Park.

Wolcott Mill is based around an old restored Mill on the Clinton river. The Mill area has a feel to it that few places have. Just down the road from the Mill is a working Farm, with animals and critters of all sort.

The Mother Earth Trail around the Mill, will take you to the old Dam. From there, the back-up of the river, caused by the Dam, created many twists and turns in the river, as well as worn in cliffs along the river banks. Some wonderful scenes here.

Some of the local trees date back over 100 years and produce some very splendid colors. There is so much to do and see at the Park. Recently added Campsites and Horse Trails have expanded the park to reach for miles, south of the Mill itself. Just driving the old gravel, Farm roads around the Park is a great Fall colors experience.


Best S.E.MI. Fall Colors

October 3, 2012

So…….you read my last posting and want to actually create your own Fall colors scene. Well…..the next step is knowing just a bit about Trees. In S.E.Michigan, like most of the state, we have an abundance of varied Trees. Why do we need various species of Trees? Because each species can produce different Fall colors.

So we need some places with many different kinds of Trees, and then hopefully……old Trees. The older trees usually produce the more brilliant colors. That’s why some of the tree lines along old Farms can produce such wonderful color spreads. Older Farms have some very old separating tree lines.

This is the case in Macomb county, around Wolcott Mill Metro Park. The Mill dates back to the 1800s, and so do many of the trees. Some of the Fall colors there, are more brilliant then any other place you can visit in the Fall. Add in the river and local streams, and you have the makings for excellent colors.

In southern Oakland county, at Highland Recreation area, one can again find some of the best Fall colors around. The Park is home to almost every variety of tree represented in Michigan. This makes for some beautiful displays of many varying colors/ Again…..add in the small lakes and ponds, rolling hills and you get some of the very best in S.E. Michigan.

In northern Oakland county, Seven Lakes State Park has the same type of scenario as Highland Recreation area does. Examples of many different tree species, plenty of water and rolling hills.

These are just a few of my personal favorites in the area. But there are of course so many here in S.E.Michigan, that I could just ramble on indefinitely. So get out during this special time of year and experience the changing of the world. 🙂 from Summer to Fall to Winter. We are very lucky here in Michigan to have four seasons, and Fall is such a special and colorful one.


Why do Leaves change Color?

September 27, 2012

We keep updating many of our Download sheets from the web site. This is one of my personal favorites. Why & How Leaves Change Color. It is a great, easy study on why the different trees produce the different colors we all love to see in the Fall.

Interestingly enough…..with a little study and maybe a Tree ID book, one can almost design out what kind of Fall colors they would like to see. On this particular ID sheet we have for you, we list out a number of very common trees, and the primary colors that particular tree species leaves will change too.

So knowing a little bit about what kind of trees are growing in a specific area, and you can know a bit in advance, what kinds of colors will be shining in the sun this Fall. Kinda like…..designing your own combination of Fall colors by knowing the Trees in your area. This does work pretty good. So take a look at the simple chart included with this Info Sheet and head out for your favorite specific Fall colors.

There are many useful Downloads and ID sheets that can help you enjoy the outdoors even more, on the Hiking Michigan DOWNLOADS page. Check out the Link here:


Download the “Why do Leaves Change Color” sheet here:



New HIKES Schedule

October 7, 2011

The new HIKES Schedule is out for October. We will be starting the month, next week at Seven Lakes State Par, where a huge variety of different Tree species grow. This should make for some extraordinary Fall colors.

We end the month at Wolcott Mill Metro Park. With all the old growth hardwoods at the park, it is always a great Fall show there. Check out the new Schedule and join us this month for some great Fall colors.

Download the new Schedule Here:

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