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Mushroom Fairy Rings

April 15, 2013

There are just so many different kinds and types of Mushrooms out there. All kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. I love examining every Mushroom I come across out on the Trails. But I follow a VERY IMPORTANT RULE. Never eat any Mushroom you find, while out in the field. Even most of the very experienced Mushroom Hunters will follow this Rule.

I have Hiked many times with the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club, and they repeat this Rule, over and over again. There are so many look-a-like mushrooms out there. Some are edible and a very similar looking mushroom can be deadly. The only true way of determining the identification of a mushroom is with a Spore print. This requires one to take that mushroom home and do a short test on making a print of the mushroom and then matching that print to a known print of a specific mushroom. Like a finger print, a mushroom spore print will positively identify a specific mushroom with out a doubt. The difference maybe an enjoyable, tasty meal, or sickness and possible death. Do not play around with identifying mushrooms.


A Sweatbread gilled mushroom

An interesting thing you may come across if you are lucky enough, is what is called a “Fairy Ring”. “Gilled” mushrooms and some Puff Balls will grow in an Arch form or in a complete circle. It is an amazing sight to see a natural growing plant, that has formed in some cases, a perfect circle. All the mushrooms grow in that circle and that is it. They are not spread out randomly, all over the area, but rather, they grow just next to one another to form this almost perfect circle.

The old story goes like this……..Fairies grow these certain Mushrooms in these secret, perfect circles. A Troll will bury his gold treasure at the center of these rare circles. The Fairies guard the circles and the Gold buried at the center of these circle, for the Trolls. Should a human discover one of these perfect mushroom circles, we have two options. One is to go to the center of the circle and dig up the Trolls Gold buried there. Be careful, because the Fairies are guarding this Gold for the Troll.


Your second option is to leave the Trolls Gold alone, and he will grant you one wish. You are to go to the center of the Fairy Ring and close your eyes, while you make a single wish. You then must leave the area and not reveal the mushroom Fairy Rings location to anyone or the wish will not come true. And you will have to be very careful whenever returning to that area of the Forest, for those Fairies will remember that you have broken the trust of revealing the location of the Ring to others.


This is how the old story goes. The biggest problem is in finding one of the perfect circle Fairy Rings. There are many semi-circles, and Arches and partial circles out there. these are Fairies busy at work completing the full circles. It takes many years to perfect a perfect Fairy Ring circle. But when once completed, the Troll will then bury his treasure there, and not until then.

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