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Conquer Nature????????

June 14, 2012

I came across a recent Flyer from a new department at our DNR. The RECREATION 101 Program. I was appalled at what I saw.

Why in the world would I want to Conquer anything in Nature? And why would our DNR….the Department of Natural Resources, and the people we have appointed to take care of our Lands, Parks & Waterways, be promoting the conquering of anything in the outdoors?

Our DNR is suppose to be taking care of our Parks and Waterways here in Michigan, not promoting the conquering of it. Does this mean that any destruction to the environment along the way to conquering something in our Parks is OK? As long as we conquer it? I am embarrassed by all of this. This is how other states see Michigan? A place where it’s citizens are out to conquer their natural world. Masters of the Universe?

If this is how the new PASSPORT money will be spent, then count me out. Our own DNR wants to train and teach people how to conquer different things in the outdoors. What kind of lack of respect does this show to the Lands and Waterways they are suppose to be looking after? Have they lost direction here? What are they even doing in the Recreation business? It isn’t the Department of Recreation.

By providing quality Natural resources, we the people can decide on our own outdoor recreation. A quality natural resources will produce a quality outdoor experience. It is a very simple process. Clean waters, free of Invasive species produce quality fishing, swimming and other outdoor experiences. Lands that are not over-run by abusers, free of Invasive species and healthy, will produce all types of quality outdoor experiences. All of which we can decide upon for ourselves.

I am completely dismayed by this CONQUER the OUTDOORS stuff. I thought once that the DNR finally had financial support through the new PASSPORT system, that the long overdue repairs to our Parks would be made. That the Invasive species that in many places outnumber the native plants would be dealt with, and the infrastructure at most of our outdated Campgrounds would finally be repaired and updated.

Michigan has always been known through out the USA as the Woods & Waters state. Now….Invasive species rule most places and the people we have put in charge of taking care of our Natural resources are focused on Conquering Nature programs, Leasing Belle Isle, and purchasing buildings in Detroit to produce an “ADVENTURE CENTER” for conquering the outdoors. How very sad. 😦


Natural Resources Survey

March 13, 2012

New director of the DNR, Mr. Rodney Stokes has put together a survey to assist the DNR in getting a response from the owners of our state lands and waterways in Michigan….YOU. The DNR is asking us Users, what we think should be done with proper Stewardship and helping our Natural resources, to keep our Parks & Waterways, a healthy place for now and future generations.

Without a healthy Natural Resource base, there is no outdoor experience. Just amusement rides and games. Hunters, Hikers, Geocachers, Mushroom hunters, Birders, Fisherman all depend on a healthy well managed natural Resource base for their outdoor experience. Please take Mr. Stokes survey and let him know, that the majority of park and waterway users in our state, want a healthy Natural Resource based Parks system. Not more amusement rides and paved trails. But rather, a well manged ecosystems that produce healthy trees, plants, critters and waterways in which our outdoor experiences are based in.

This is your chance as the majority Users of our Parks and waterways, to tell the head of the DNR what YOU want to see our agency do for the people of the state of Michigan. That is to proper manage and maintain a healthy Natural resource base for now and future generations in our state.

Please take a moment and do Mr. Stokes survey and guide our DNR in the proper directions in dealing with our Natural resources in Michigan. Let them know we want healthy ecosystems and waterways for this generation an future generations. A real outdoor experience can only be had in a healthy Natural Resources based environment. Ask any Hunter, Hiker, Geocacher, Birder, Mushroom hunter, or fisherman.

Please take the time and answer Mr. Stokes survey on the future plans for our Natural resources here in Michigan. tell our DNR we want a healthy environment, where the natural system produces a healthy natural resources base, and not something manufactured and manipulated to appear that way.

You can access the survey here:

I hope the DNR listens to the survey responses and realizes their jobs are not to create entertainment or an outdoors experience for us people of Michigan. They are not our Mommies & Daddies. Their Mission statement says they are to maintain and nurture a healthy Natural Resources for now & future generations. No outdoor experience is a good one without quality and a healthy Natural resources ecosystem. I am wondering where that got lost over the years with our DNR. Time for them to listen to the majority of Users who enter our Parks and lands on Foot and do not need a DNR official holding our hands while we enjoy an outdoor experience. Just keep it healthy and available for our children. That;s your only real job.


BOW one day Program

January 9, 2012

YUP  we are pushing the BOW *Becoming an Outdoors Women) program at the DNR. The Winter Weekend program has just been expanded to include a single day program. So if getting away for the whole weekend at the end of January was to much, then stop in for just the day.

Head on over to Sue Tabor’s Blog, she heads up the BOW program, and get the details and registration forms. HM will be there taking care of the Winter Hiking program and we are heading to Hartwick Pines for our out of classroom jaunt.



Shoe Year’s Day HIKE

December 18, 2011

The DNR is sponsoring a New Years day Hike at many of the State parks around the state called, “Shoe Year’s Day Hike”. Hiking Michigan will be leading a Hike at Pontiac Lake Recreation area, on Sunday, 1/1/12, at 11am. We are meeting at the Organizational Campground.

We will have a campfire to greet all in attendance, with some Hot Tea and Hot chocolate. From the Org. campground, we will be Hiking over to the main campground area, where there are some sledding hills. On the way, our two guests will be Dan Farmer (Naturalist) and Michael Boensch (MiGO),

Dan will be identifying Animal tracks as we Hike. Michael will be showing us some of the Geocaches along the trail. Once at the Sledding hills, we will take a break and sled if you wish. Then it’s back to the campfire and some Hot Tea and Chocolate.

No better way to start off 2012, then with a Hike. Join us. All are welcome. You can download a Flyer at the Link here:  SHOE YEARS DAY HIKE




April 29, 2011

We have been busy updating our “DOWNLOADS” page at the website. There are new and updated Spring Flowers ID sheets, new Tree Leaf ID sheet and many new maps for you to download and print at home. Check out the DOWNLOADS page at the Hiking Michigan website soon.



April 3, 2011

This year Hiking Michigan will be doing TRAILS Trimmings HIKES. What that means is that while we arte hiking, we will trim the overhanging twig or vine and pick up any trash we come across. Nothing very physical, just a way to give back and help out the State DNR maintain some of the Park Trail systems.
Due to the lack of funding this year, while the new PASSPORT Park sticker program takes hold, the DNR is down on it’s funding, and will not be maintaining as many of the trails we all have come to enjoy and use regularly.
So…….maybe every third or forth Hike will be a Trails Trimming Hike. We will try and supply hand clippers to all in attendance, but if you have a pair, bring them along. We will also be purchasing gloves who ever wished to use them while they trim and Hike.
After each of this style of Trails Trimming Hikes, HM will provide a Campfire, Hotdogs and vittles for everyone that participated. We are working on getting a sponsor to supply us with PATCHES. So that anyone participating in three Trails Trimming Hikes, will recieve their TRAILS PATCH.
This is something new for us and we are open to any and all suggestions on how to make this work well. Our first Trails Trimming Hike will be on 4/30/11 at Holly Recreation Area. We will Hike and Trim our favorite trail there, the “Lakeshore Trail”. We’ll build a Campfire and cook some goodies afterwards. The DNR is behind us on this and hopefully as we get rolling, they will schedule the occassional Stewardship Ranger to join us on these Hikes. We will get a chance to learn some things about invasive species and the plants and trees we will be trimming.
So that’s it… about some feedback and ideas.


State Park Trails Help

March 14, 2011

Because of the lack of funding for the whole parks and waterway systems in our state, the DNR will not be doing much for trails maintenance this year. We are all hoping that the new PASSPORT license plate program will change all of that by the end of this year. Hopefully heading into 2012, the funds will start to return in maintaining and improving all our parks and waterways in Michigan. Everyone needs to participate in the new PASSPORT program.

In the meantime, how about HM members doing some paybacks to all the S.E. Michigan State parks that have done us so well these years in Hiking. Many of the park supervisors and staff have accommodated our group in so many ways. For this reason alone, I feel personally beholding. BUT……on even a bigger reason, it would feel real good to give back to the natural environments that have given so much to all of us and our State.

May I suggest that we start a Trails maintenance program here at Hiking Michigan. Starting this spring, we can plan specific Hikes that would include trimming overhanging branches and foliage from the trails, while we do a Hike on one of the trail loops. No heavy physical labor, just some trimming as we go. We can learn something about different plants, how to maintain a trail, water drainage and possibly on occasion, get one of the Park staff to inform us even more about the various aspects of trails, their maintenance, and some of the plant and animal lives they affect.

Hiking Michigan will supply a hearty Lunch around a campfire for each Trails Help Hike that we do. A great way to have some fun hiking, get some fulfillment at helping our parks and trails, and of course have some good chow around a campfire together.

So……what say you all? Lets give back some time and effort towards the parks & Trails that have given us so much all of these years. If you have any further ideas or suggestions on this subject, please contact me at:

Check out more details on the new funding for our parks and waterways in Michigan, through the PASSPORT license plate program.  Recreational Passport


New Spring HIKE Schedule is out

March 11, 2010

The new Spring HIKE Schedule starts on the official first day of Spring. March 20th at 12PM we will be meeting at Holland Ponds Park, in Shelby Twp., Macomb county, and visiting the largest Great Blue Heron Rookery in S.E. Michigan. This is a great little park, with nesting white Egrets, Owls, Geese, and different species of Ducks as well. Much aquatic life there with all the intereconnecting ponds and the Clinton river running through the Park. If you have never seen a Heron Rookery(nesting area) before, you will enjoy this visit. I gaurentee you will be returning to the park and watching as the youngsters grow through the Summer months.

Download a HIKE Schedule at this Link: http://www,

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