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I am a Birder Too…wait…I am a Mushroom Hunter Too…wait…I am a Geocacher Too…wait…I am a Flower Hunter Too…wait…I am an OUTDOORSMAN Too

March 30, 2013

Frog-AboveI went over this subject with good friend, Dr. Bob – Birding a few months ago. But I keep finding these same theme reoccurring over and over. I think it is fanaticism or something. You must BE something completely or nothing at all. NO YOU DON’T.

You can be it all. You can enjoy all of the Natural world without having to be designated any one thing. I love being all the things in the title of this Posting, plus more. I may not be the best Birder around, but I love watching, listening and CloseMr.Spiderenjoying the interactions out on the Trails.

I can hardly ID most Mushrooms I come across. Well….maybe a few. Enough so that I do not poison myself. Especially since I like to put everything in my mouth. 🙂 But there is not a Mushroom along the Trails that I spot, that I do not stop to examine.

Enjoying the Outdoors and Nature does not mean that one must be an expert in anything. The shear respect and love for Mother Earth is enough. My most private moments come deep into the forests by a remote Pond. Some of the answers to the questions in my own life have come while Hiking or just sitting along a quite stream.

Jack-o-Latern-mushroomToday I went and visited my Heron friends at Holland Ponds. Counted occupied nests and mating pairs of Herons. Got some excellent pictures and video. Yet I can hardly have a very deep conversation with some of my regular Birding friends. SO WHAT. They understand. We share what knowledge we both have on what subjects or specifics in Nature we have. And isn’t that good enough.

I guess I am relaying this information because I have come to see that it does not matter if you are a Fanatic or a Pro Birder, Pro Mushroom Hunter, Pro Geocacher. It just matters if it all gives you understanding and joy. And that you share that with others.

As a punk, I was a fanatic at everything I did. fanatic back Packer, fanatic Canoer, fanatic survivalist/Orienteerer. I could pull out ID numbers to equipment and gear and quote survival needs I cannot even remember now. 🙂 I would get lost in the fanaticism, and not as much in the forest as I should have. Maybe those where my test years. My Rainbow-Tallmeans at acquiring the knowledge base to do what i wanted in the outdoors and not be concerned about my safety and or not knowing what was happening.

These days…..I have become a minimalist. Not always the best way, but less to think about. Water, my Camera and some small survival equipment stashed in my case, and I am all set to BE anything. Or Everything. Or Nothing at all. Just Being in the Outdoors is good enough. Enjoying the times there and absorbing the positive energy that flows in Nature.

Although we can be entertained and enjoy some recreation in our Parks, we should NEVER forget they are delicate places that we need for much more then just recreational purposes. They are our connections to everything. Everything that makes the world exist. Respect these places. Understand these things, and protect what they are for the future.

I left out one very important thing in the title to this posting. I am NATURE Too.


GO GET OUTDOORS maps building

November 21, 2011

Hiking Michigan has been using the GO GET OUTDOORS web site to assist the S.E.Michigan Hiking Group in finding the places we meet and do Hikes at, as well as just plain locating great outdoor places in S.E. Michigan.

We have been making a number of changes to the web site, while we are doing the same for the Hiking Michigan sites. One big inclusion into the GO GET OUTDOORS web site, is a map covering the new North/Central Hiking Group.

26 counties, with state parks and National Forests indicated, as well as many of the Canoe-able rivers. We also added a “Special Places” map for S.E. Michigan, the indicates the unique environments located around the 8 counties comprising S.E.MI.  Things like Fen areas, Long Scenic views, Prairie meadows, etc.  We will be doing the same thing for the North/ Central map, when the parks and forest lands have all been listed.

So check out the new and growing GO GET OUTDOORS web site. An easy way to find Parks and rivers in S.E. MI. and soon through out the lower peninsula.      GO GET OUTDOORS

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