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Trails Sharing Poll results

December 30, 2010

We asked all of you hikers, bikers, and horseman about the trail systems in our State parks. Got lots of responses both on Facebook and through emails. There where many different ideas and feelings on sharing trails with different User groups. Many thought that the trails should be divided into individual trails for each User group. Unfortunately this leads to so much dissecting of the natural environment, that the nature experience is lost. Pontiac Lake Recreation area is a good example of individual trails for each User group, and a very dissected natural environment, in the main part of the park.Many people suggested not mixing Bikes with Hikers or Bikes with Horses. That is possible in some parks, where there is enough wide open spaces to accommodate many different trail systems.

Many responded that with proper rules, that some trails could be shared between hikers and bikers, and the horses should be left to their own trail systems.Yet others that only hike said that sharing trails with bikers spoiled their nature experience as bikers came zooming past them on the trails.

Probably the most universal thread was that with common courtesy and sense, that most trails could be shared by many different User groups. It seems the rules and common knowledge of passing and stepping off the trail for others are not as common knowledge as we all think. These are not easy questions to answer, nor are they easy problems to solve. The bottom line will always be the Natural resources and environment that needs to be considered first. Almost all User groups come to a State Park because of the natural environments there. Loosing them would mean losing the reasons for even using the trails in most cases.

Thanks for participating in the Poll. I learned alot, and will be taking this to the State Trails Advisory Committee meeting in March. The DNR is working very hard on how to handle the many different User groups and individuals who want to enjoy our State Park Trails and natural environments. It is not always as simple as installing another trail, for another group. And there is not always the room for every kind of use a small Park can accommodate.

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