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Excellent Heron Hike 3/23/13

March 24, 2013

Our 7th annual Ashok Heron Hike was a great time. We had over 60 people show up, and filled the parking lot. 🙂 It was one of those Hikes. A Hike where we had many different kinds of people with many different expertise. This made for some great conversations along the way.



There where a number of discussions about the Herons and how they act, mate and what happens at the Heronry during the year as the youngsters are being cared for. We had an experience that showed just how skiddish these beautiful Birds can be. As a group of about 30 of us approached the second viewing area that overlooked what is now the rear Heronry, every Heron on a nest fly up together. The circled for a bit and then returned. It was obvious that this commotion was to much for these fresh nesting birds and they all left their nest.

NestsThis example of how delicate this whole area is, was very apparent to all the Hikers. Having anything else going on at Holland Ponds would definitely disrupt this special place and possibly stop the growth of what is the largest Great Blue Heron nesting site in Southeastern Michigan.

Some natural places need to remain just that. NATURAL. No reason to build anything else at this Park. No reason to expand things or add to the possibilities that even more commotion would scare or disrupt this growing nesting site in Shelby Twp. The wonders and beauties of this place IS what this Park is all about.

Through in the Historical aspects the Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal, that runs down the herononecenter of the Park, and what a great place to stroll with the family at any time. Herons, Egrets, Ducks and many different Birds of all kinds. Owls and Raptors of all sorts, nest and hunt at the Park. Later in the Spring, the wildflowers are everywhere.

We had excellent weather for the Hike. Even some sun peaking out from time to time. Afterwards some of the Hikers headed over to the Nature Center at River Bends Park, just down the road. Shabush is a beautiful Center with some wonderful displays and well versed staff.



August 17, 2011

Following the programs started with the first RECREATION 101 Event at Holly, a couple of months ago, Bald Mountain Recreation area is having a HIKING 101 program this Saturday, 8/20/11, at 10am. People are gathering at the Park Headquarters located on Greenshield rd. Meet the new Park Supervisor there, and see what the details are on all the new Trail signage being installed out on the State Park Trails.


Womens Safety Guide sheets

July 21, 2011

Well….we have tallyed all of your suggestions and ideas connected with a safer outdoor experience for not only women, but everyone. Hiking Michigan would like to thank all of you outdoors people who participated in helping us put together ideas and suggestion to make everyone’s outdoor experience a safe and enjoyable one.

It has been an interesting month of emails, on-line postings and our Womens Safety Hike discussions. Many varied opinions on this subject. Everything from total fear of a wmen heading into the forest alone, to no fear what so ever in traveling anywhere in our Park systems as a women alone. So this subject has produced many faces with many solutions and suggestions.

No matter how you may feel on this subject, it is never a bad thing to share the experience and knowledge of other trail and Park users, and to be prepared when heading out into the outdoors. With that in mind, we put together the many ideas and suggestions from you outdoors people, into a 2 page Guides sheet for Womens Safety in the Outdoors. This can be applied to everyone as well as just women in the outdoors.

We hope this Guide will be of assistance in educated people and giving a good sense of safety and encouragement to all of those who have let certain things stop them from venturing into the Outdoors. There is much to be gained from an outdoors experience, and anything that restricts that, needs to be addressed or fixed. So GO GET OUTDOORS! It is for EVERYONE!

You can download the 2 page Guide for Womens Safety in the Outdoors here: WOMENS SAFEY GUIDE


Womens Safety HIKE Reviewed

July 11, 2011

Another blazing Hot day, yet many Hikers showed up again. And EVERYONE stayed for the Campfire discussions on Womens safety in the Outdoors. EVERYONE. Thanks All!
On Hot days like this one, it seems everyone has different paces of hiking. Darrin took the faster hikers ahead, and I remained with us slower hikers to sweat in the back of the pack. happy.gif Lots of ripe Black Raspberries along the entire trail. Gorged ourselves a number of times along the way. Since Holly has so much Sassafras, we also had to indulge in a little bit of chewing and sniffing. Nice mixture of varied people on this hike. Lots of outdoor knowledge amoungst this group. The language for the day was…..german. We actually had 5 people who spoke German and they did. Pretty interesting doing International Hiking. happy.gifVOLKSMARCHING.
Ater the Hike we all gather under the trees near the Campfire and started eating and talking. Darrin brought this interesting treat of wrapped apples in cinimon and brown suger, which was roasted over the fire. WOW! delisious. And it does’nt get better then when Ashook is there with his famous campfire Chai Tea. Endless brownies, Muffins, Watermellon and all types of treats.
With the diverse age groups and many people discussing Womens Safety in the Outdoors, I nore many notes on ways to protect ones self as well as opinions on just how little and how much this problem really was in our Parks. I think the compilled list of suggestions and opinions on this subject will make for some good TIPS and ideas for everyone heading into our Parks, especially thos who wish to Hike solo. Look for a three page review in the next week or so.
Thank You so very much to all the people who not only participated at this Hike….but to the over 100 emails I have recieved with ideas and suggestions as well. You are all helping others to experience the things that you do, and in a calm and safe manner. Great Work Gang!

Kathy sent in a few pictures form the Hike. She actually took pictures. I mearly took my camera for another hike inside my carrying case. It enjoyed it though. happy.gif
Rich posted a nice album on our Facebook page. Check that out too.


WOMENS SAFETY Hike/Campfire 7/9/11

July 5, 2011

Join us for a relaxing hike around the beautiful “Lakeshore Trail” and then a lovely Campfire, Beverages and treats back at the camp, afterwards. This is a special Hike/Campfire, dedicated to starting something good for better Womens Safety in our Parks and out on our Trails.

While sitting around the Campfire, we will take notes on suggestions and ideas from you Hikers, on how to better the safety in surrounds for Women and all people wanting to venture out into our Parks and Trails.

What we discuss will be logged for a future Pamphlet release for other Groups and the State DNR to use to make a start in dealing with some of these problems. So bring out those suggestions and great ideas, and enjoy a nice Hike and then some Beverages and treats around a Campfire, while we discuss some of these issues. Let’s let it start HERE and now. Join US.


PETROGLYPHS trip on 8/13/11

July 4, 2011

Out all day Sanilac Petroglyphs trip will be on Saturday, August 13th. We will leave mid-morning and Caravan and ride share to get to the Park. More details on that soon. There will be a state Historian at the park for us, to let us inside the gated area for a close look at the Glyphs. These are the only known Native rock carvings in Michigan. We will also take the short trail around the park and visit some of the other historic sites there.

Afterwards we will head over to Caseville, where the annual “Cheeseburger Week” is taking place. We have coupons for disounted foods at the Festival for everyone. After we take in some food and festivities, we will take the slow ride home, through Amish farm country and old Michigan towns to end our full day.

Look for more details and exact times coming soon. Join us for a very different and unique day of Michigan activities!

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Wolcott Mill HIKE Reviewed

July 3, 2011

I was amazed at how many people showed up for one of the hottest and most humid Hike that I can remember. There where planty of different kinds of flowers on our trailings, as well as Black-Raspberries everywhere. We munched the whole way. We even ran into a Mulberry tree with lots of fresh fruit.

Stopped at the old Dam where water levels where at an all-time low. The channels are dry. Circled around from the river cliffs, to the Boardwalks and back to our starting point. Some people headed right up to the Mill, and some of us headed directly to the cooling river and soaked along the banks in the shade. Had to be 30 degrees cooler this way. 🙂

A number of us stayed for quite a long time along the river, just below the Mill. A wonderful setting. We could see the Park staff was taking good care of the rest of the group that headed up to the Mill. Thanks gang.

A few of us headed to the Farm just in time before closing. We took a very quick tour and a few pictures. For such a very hot day, it sure was wrth getting heated up and feasting on the trails, to come back and enjoy the cooling river and Mill in the shade. A very relaxing day, all and all.

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7/2/11 Wolcott Mill Hike

June 28, 2011

We will be heading out on the Mother Eart trail at Wolcott Mill Metro Park, this Saturday, 7/2/11 at 12pm-3pm. The trail will take us to the old Mill Dam, around the cliffs that overlook the river and back through the Boardwalks in the hardwoods and pine tree stands. Back at the parking area we will take a break at the Mill and along the river there. It is a beautiful setting and the Mill has some great history behind it.
We will head over to the Farm Center after all this, and wander the working Farm buildings. A very interesting place. Not to many of these left, that allow visitors. And free at that. Join us for all or some of our afternoon of activities at Wolcott Mill Metro Park.

You can download more details and a map to where we will be meeting, at this Link:  WOLCOTT MILL HIKE


Bald Mountain HIKE Reviewed

June 27, 2011

The morning was cloudy and cool, but on cue, at 12 noon, the skies opened up and the temps climbed to around 74 degrees. Perfect Hiking conditions. We Hiked towards the Tamarack Cabins loop and all the way around the far side of the north part of the park. We ran into no one and had the whole area to ourselves. Took a break on the top of the old Sledding hills and circled back the long way around the north side of Heart lake. The lake is still home to a very active Bog and now that all of the boat access has gone, a couple of pairs of Herons have made nests on the west side of the lake. The group hung out in the parking area after we returned and talked a bit about the Womens Safety Hike coming up on July 9th. Got some great input and hope the Hike/Fire will be the same as this preliminary talk we had in the parking area. A few of us headed out to the eatsren half of the North Unit and visited an old Beaver Lodge and some of the more remote sections there. Even did a little Bushwhacking. 5 miles on the first Hike, and another 4 on the second Hike. A Good Day.

New HIKES Schedule

June 22, 2011

We have finished our new HIKES Scheulde and you can download a PDF version at the Link below. Come on out and join us for one of the Hikes. ALL are WELCOME.


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