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Healthy Nature Preserve

December 28, 2012

The Pond pictured here is a good example of a healthy ecosystem, with much Biodiversity at one end of the Pond, and a Dead-zone at the other end of the Pond. The West side of the Pond area has “Loosestrife” and “Garlic Mustard” invading it’s waters and shoreline, as well as a non-native to Michigan, Swan.

Because of these invaders, not much else is taking place in and around these waters. On the right side of the Pond area we have a healthy, Biodiverse, interconnected ecosystem. Here you find all the various plants, animals and insects that all interact with one another to keep a healthy, thriving habitat working.

All of these plants, animals and Insects connect to one another through a natural and biodiverse environment. This balance can be very delicate, and upset by the mere removal of just a couple of the plants, animals or insects that are present there. Without any natural enemies, plants like the “Loosestrife” and ”Garlic Mustard” can overtake ALL of the natural plants in and around this Pond, and upset the balance of inter connectivity between all the living things there.

This can easily, completely destroy the natural environment. It all may still look pretty on the surface, but there is no Biodiversity and richness of life there anymore. A Mono-culture.

Taking good care of our Natural Resources…..controlling Invasive Species…..nurturing everything down to the smallest of insects, create an environment that can be enjoyed by simply EVERYONE no matter what type of outdoor or Recreational experience they may have in mind. EVERYONE. That’s a pretty big result from a sole focus.

A healthy Natural Resources based Ecosystem is a very Interconnected world. Insects rely on the grasses and trees to thrive. The Trees need clean water and sunlight to grow strong. The Birds need the Trees for food and protection. And on and on. All of these Interconnections are what produces the beautiful Overlooks, Wonderful waterways, Critter filled Trails, Etc. These things cannot be built or created by Man.

We certainly can help produce the environments that are clean, healthy and Invasive species free, so that all of these Natural Interconnections can thrive. But we should never believe we can actually create these Wonders on our own. This is why we need to protect and nurture ALL our Natural Resources here in beautiful Michigan.


See if you can find all the critters, plants, tree, birds and insects in the Park. Some are oversized for easy viewing, and others are lurking in the deep forest. We will be posting the totals and what is there in the Park, next week.


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