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February 24, 2016

It was a slow year for our scheduled Hikes in 2015. That will change drastically in 2016. Many of our Hikes and gatherings, will be based on the various “Hand-out sheets” that  are available foe Free, on the HIKING MICHIGAN “DOWNLOADS” page.

We have been working hard at updating our Nature Downloads and Park Maps, for all of you to download for Free. A real useful download that we have just finished updating, is our “Animal Tracks ID sheets”.



A nice thing to do with these two sheets, is to mount them back to back, and get them laminated at an “Office Max” or “Staples”. Then take the sheets out on the Trails with you.

There are many more updated DOWNLOAD sheets to be posted. Get out there and search for those animal tracks. This is a great time to see what Critters roam your local Parks and Trails.

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