What Happened to the BIRDS????

November 3, 2013

A few weeks ago a made a Post requesting advice from all the HM members, on how to best attract Birds on my property. I received so many wonderful suggestions and ideas. So I went out to my nearest “BIRDS UNLIMITED” store and purchased all types of Bird feed and Feeders, and placed them all around my yard.

I have Suet blocks, Nut Feeders, general seed Feeders, you name it. I will make a separate Post on all the suggestions I received and all the research I did afterwards, in search of quality Bird Feed and Feeders. For now, I wanted to focus on something odd that has happened.

Well……I set up all these various Feeders around the Yard. The property has White Pine Trees and Apple Trees and many other species of Trees and shrubs. An all-round habitat for almost any kind of Bird. YET…….after more then two weeks, I have almost no visitors. No Birds at all.

I started to talking with neighbors and friends in the Rochester area, and they too have noticed that there has been very few Birds visiting their Feeders as well. Puzzling indeed? Many locals have told me they have not had a single Bird of any type, come and Feed. I realize we are just past the Migration time for Birds heading to their Winter grounds, or even shifting to their Winter food sources, but…….No Birds at all? Very odd?

I went and visited some of the local Parks and finally found some Birds. But very few and only in very selected areas. High food and water source areas. But these backyard Feeders,complete with Bird Baths and Water Feeders too, are attracting almost no Birds. And this seems to be something that just started happening this year, from August onward. So what is happening here?

Is this taking place all over the state? Up North as well? Please let me know and give some feed-back on what might be happening with our Birds. Like I mentioned. This is not held to any one species. It is across the board. All Birds seem to be hiding or have gone somewhere. What Happened Here??????


  1. I live in Harrison. We have nuthatches, blue jays, titmice, mourning doves, all types of woodpeckers including pileated just visited the birdbath near dark last night. At my husbands hunting property in Lake are crows and robins.

  2. I forgot to mention black capped chickadees and the pileated are male and female and their offspring.

  3. Rob,
    We have cardinals, wrens, robins, nuthatches, chickadees, tufted titmice, mourning doves, every type of woodpecker, and now the dark-eyed juncos have returned. I have a friend downstate who has also said that she sees very few birds, though.

  4. Not only are my birds lacking, but my squirrels and chipmunks disappeared overnight too. This happened about a month ago. Not sure what is going on. But I don’t like it.

  5. Maybe they know it’s going to be a long cold winter.

  6. We’ve had good luck at all the Nature Centers where I work. I just ran a bird program over the weekend and my partner said they didn’t see much (it was rainy), but they heard a variety on the walk. We’ve had Juncos for a few weeks now. Not to mention all the Nuthatches, Jays, Cardinals, Downy Woodpeckers, Red Bellied… that I have observed lately.

    I dunno what’s going on in your neck of the woods! Keep us posted, hopefully you’ll get something noteworthy at your stations soon.

  7. I am in Rochester Hills and switched out my hummingbird feeders for seed feeders at the beginning of October. I have been keeping a feeder species list and have had lots of common birds: flickers, downy woodpeckers, black-capped chickadees, juncos, house finches, cardinals, morning doves and blue jays.

  8. I live in North Georgia. Recently I have began to notice that I have not heard any birds singing nor flying as a matter of fact I think it is very strange because here you will see some birds but not a one. So I asked other people here and they all just look at. Me and say you know now you mention it yes i have nit noticed any birds. For the record today is Nov. 7 2013.

    I really want to get to the bottom of this it it is starting to trouble me. So please if anyone on here finds anything out let me know. Also no crickets . It is as if everything has gone silent. Dont. Bell

  9. From all of my observations and all the responses to this posting and Facebook, it seems this problem is selective in what areas this lack of Birds problem exists. It also seems to be connected to the lack of Squirrels, Chipmunks and other critters. Some areas have not seen any changes what so ever, yet others have seen drastic reductions in Birds. Some places have NO Birds what so ever, coming around. I am doing what research I can. This is very disturbing. It does not appear to be directly connected to any one specific thing. No drastic habitat changes here in the Rochester area of Michigan to cause such a severe reduction in Birds. Most puzzling is the other critters, not connected to Birds, that have also seen a reduction in populations. I will continue to follow through with WHY?

  10. We use to have Juncos, Chickadees, Cardinals, Doves, and lots of Sparrows in our backyard. Since November all the birds have disappeared. Nothing is eating the Thistle Seed, Suet, Sunflower Seed or other mixed seeds. Other years we have had lots of birds during the cold months in Michigan. What is keeping the birds away this year?

    • This is my first Yard Bird Feeder set ups. I figured just setting out some feeders with different seeds would attract different Birds. For over 3 weeks, I did not get a single Bird of any specie to come and visit. I set out an array of different types of feeders and feed. A kinda….little bit of everything. For the last 2 weeks now, I have been getting more and more visitors. Most of my neighbors still worry, because they say that this year has been the worst year in memory for attracting Birds. They still are getting very few to none. I have not received a good answer to why, from anyone. In other areas of the state and even S.E.MI. the Birds are plentiful. But here in Rochester and some of the northern counties, Birds are scarce this year. I am personally concerned. Like Bees…..we need these critters to help keep a healthy ecosystem going. I was about to do a follow-up report on this, with results from my new Sanctuary, and what many others have told me about their experiences this year. Will be posting that shortly.

  11. Try throwing bird food on the ground;along with unsalted peanuts in the shell,and cracked corn. Alot of birds are ground feeders. You will soon have birds on your feeders. Promise!😋🇺🇸

  12. I live in Howell, MI & offer mainly sunflower seed mix, suet & fresh water. Cardinals have disappeared and friends said the same is true at their house. The hawk does visit here. The Doves, Jays, Mallards, Sparrows and Finch are here so far, but I miss the Cardinals and hope they come back. I’m also waiting for the Junco, Tufted Titmouse, and Woodpeckers to return this winter. I think it’s partly due to the unusual warm weather we’ve had the past couple of weeks.

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