What’s Most Important for Life on our Planet?

June 27, 2013


As a Society we have become almost obsessed with Political correctness, the latest fads, the ever changing dos and don’ts of everyday society interactions. All this while we ignore some of the Most Important things we NEED to survive on our planet.

CLEAN WATER: Something that everything we humans consider alive, including ourselves. Many creatures can even survive without Sunlight, but NOTHING can be alive here on Earth, without clean WATER. It should be considered our most important Resource. No one should be allowed to hurt, contaminate or effect the quality of Water….ANYWHERE on Earth.

The BIRDS & BEES: And I do not mean reproduction here. Although…..that is another subjectMoth-Bee-Flower in itself. But the Birds and the Bees are the creatures that pollinated the vast majority of our Plants & Trees. Without this pollination, most would cease to exist, and then so would we. The Birds add a secondary feature……Beauty. Beauty in their Songs, Flight and actions.

CLEAN AIR: Although there are still many living things that either do not need clean air for their survival, we humans do. This clean air also feeds the needs of most plants & Trees, who take in Carbon Dioxide and release wonderful Oxygen for us to breathe. This is just the very basics here. The interconnectivity of this, goes so very deep we could spend this entire Post talking exclusively about just that.

DIVERSE HABITATS/ECOSYSTEMS: Most people forget that in order to have the diversity our planet has, we need all types of different Habitats and environments. Deep Forests, open Meadows, Deserts, Lake & River country, and on and on. A “Monoculture” does not make for a healthy Planet, nor a healthy environment, thus, not a healthy place for most of the life here including humans. This is a HUGE problem. A tree, a few bushes, some grass and some flowers, is not a healthy world. We need all types of different environments, and they need to be healthy and flourishing for us to have a truly diverse and growing planet. This is directly connected to our next big Need. Or lack of.

INVASIVE SPECIES: In so many places around the world we have completely neglected the invasion of INVASIVE SPECIES. Plants, Insects, Birds, Fish, Trees, etc. that do not belong where they are at. We have had the audacity to believe, that we humans can control our environments completely. Have a pest problem? Just bring in a certain critter that will destroy that pest. And with no known natural enemies in that environment, what does that species do when all the Pests are gone? Many different things. All unpredictable and all destructive in every way. Here in Michigan, our number one biggest problem through out the State are Invasive Species. Things like the Zebra muscle, the Autumn Olive, Canadian Geese, and so many others I could fill up this page and 20 others with the master list.Many have gotten so far out of control, there maybe no way to stop them from becoming so dominant in an environment, that only them and a few other species will remain. Again…..One big “Monoculture” of an environment. 5 species making up an entire area of the State, rather then 4-5 diverse habitats with thousands of different species interacting with one another to produce diversity and a healthy planet for all.

INTERCONNECTIVITY is a big key to most of our planets problems. People forget that 5Moths-Thistle copyeverything is connected in one way or another. Without the Milkweed plant in an ecosystem, we loose out on Butterflies and caterpillars. These creatures feed Birds and other creatures, not to mention the huge food source they produce for the ground habitats themselves. This is just ONE PLANT. But remove it or destroy most of it’s population and it changes hundreds or thousands of things. This interconnected diversity is what makes our planet so Wonderful, diverse, Beautiful, healthy, and an extraordinary place to live.

I have actually sat in Outdoor meeting with so called environmental specialists who have stated they can control all of these things. REALLY?!  They believe tat whatever we as humans destroy or effect diversely, THEY can restore or rebuild or bring back to life. UNTRUE!!!!!!!!!!!  That is some of the most arrogant and stupid thinking I have heard spewed on unsuspecting general public I have ever heard. But this IS much of the new thinking out there, from the people we trust in taking care of our Natural resources. It is the GOD syndrome, followed by the Amusement Park notion. That all of the Outdoors can be used for some sort of FUN, amusement, Race, and if damaged, can be restored easily. Again….UNTRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

BarredOwlDo we want to fix our Politically Correct problems and ever changing Society interactions, then we need a starting point. How about a HEALTHY place to live. With that comes Beauty, Wonder, Diversity, Health and all the things you base a world on. Then moving to repair and/or fix PC?Society problems become much easier working from this health base. You do not have to be a “Tree Hugger” or super “Environmentalist” to want these things. It is common sense and real science that starts off this process. It will then take some understanding and Love to round it all off to become a Wonderful place for everyone to live. It takes a solid foundation to build upon, to be successful at creating something that will last for a few days,or forever. That foundation is our Natural Resources and a Healthy Environment.


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