Finally Flowers!

April 24, 2013

Inbetween the 70 degree days and the 35 degree days with light snow flurries, the Spring flowers have finally started to push their way up through the madness. We went for a couple of exploratory Hikes to see just what is starting to happen in our local Parks.

Sprouts are starting almost everywhere. Not in an extreme manner, but still starting non the less. We actually need about a week of temperatures above 50 degrees and it will all just break loose. Until then, it will be a slow process.


A rare RED Trillium. Rare for this far north.

We found certain places that had alot of south facing hillsides to be the most productive right now. The extra warmth there are instigating many different flowers to start their Spring blooming. Even many of the bushes and trees are moving very slowly at budding and blooming. I cannot imagine the strain on many of the returning migrating Birds.

The Blooms and warmer weather that instigates the Spring Flowers, also help to start up the insect populations. These returning Birds need these insects for a food source as they build their nests for this years youngsters. The pressure must be great on many of these other critters as well. All of whom depend upon certain plant life and insects to be coming alive right now to feed their long winter appetites, or in preparations for their new youngsters.

Take a Hike and look closely. You will see that the Flowers are trying, the insects are just starting up and in the right locations the bushes and trees are budding and waking up from winter.

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We found many Trout Lillies leaves, but no blooms yet. The same went for Trilliums and Blood Root. We are right on the edge of it all taking off.




White Trillium



A Star Flower


A Buttercup

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