Nature Running Behind

April 23, 2013

I have been comparing some notes and dates from the last few years and noticed we are quite a few weeks behind in many things happening. Although alot of the Birds are Migrating, there are still many behind schedule.

TrilliumThis time last year and the year before we where doing a Spring Wild Flower Hike out at Bald Mountain Recreation area. One of the better places to experience early Wild Flowers. That would be in the South Unit, just north of Greenshield road, outside the main Park/Beach area. We are still about two weeks away from all the early Spring Flowers to be blooming everywhere. Especially Trilliums. I have seen a few Trout Lillies, Blood Root and Spring Beauties, but nothing like what should be taking place compared with previous seasons and dates.

The first and second weeks in May where tremendous Morel hunting times the last two years.HugeMorelPatchStonyCr In fact…..I joined in on a Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club Morel Hike the second week in May and Hit the jackpot out at Stony Creek Metro Park. I would have to Kill you if I told you where we hunted. 🙂 But we where already past many of the early Spring Flower Blooms, the Grass was solid green EVERYWHERE, and all the trees where either budded or had young leaves growing.

There is much we are far behind on through out the entire state. heck…..in the middle of the lower peninsula there is still extensive snow on the ground and it snowed just a few days ago on April 19th. I worry about things like this. Nature has timetables that need to be kept for things to happen properly. Certain insects need to hatch at a particular time of year to feed the new hatchlings of Birds and young Frogs WaterSkimmerand Turtles. Not having warm enough weather to produce these insects in the great quantities needed to feed all these different species can be Catastrophic to all of them. And this is just one small example of how Natures Timetables are so very important.

It is not just if these things take place in the outdoors, but WHEN they take place in Nature. Unless things start to change drastically, and soon, I fear we will be having a very strange and unpredictable Summer in Michigan, with many repercussions from just simple things not taking place at the right Times. This still remains to be seen, but it is not looking good right now.


Yes….Nature is resilient and makes adjustments for these kinds of Timing slips and changes.But when they start to happen annually, and at different times each year, it just plain throughs off EVERYTHING. We need about two straight weeks of over 60 degree daytime temperatures, and 40 degree nighttime Temps. to Kick-start it all moving again. And we need that NOW. Right NOW. Lets all hope Mother Nature gets the things and Timing back in sync once again and the balance returns to the many diverse ecosystems that make up our Beautiful state of Michigan.

It is time for all life to be awakening and in coexistence with one another for it to all be happening correctly. We need these Natural timetables, and we need them to happening on a pretty regular basis each year at around the same times.

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  1. You’re absolutely correct; this also has me worried. We still have snow in our long driveway here in Paris, and just a few bulbs are now beginning to peak up out of the ground. It has definitely been a strange few years. We have no Bluebirds and I have yet to see a Robin; very strange for the last week of April.

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