It is all about what is inside

April 3, 2013

I have spent the last 15 years organizing Hikes and outdoor activities with hiking Michigan. Before that, I organized smaller parties heading out on 1-4 week trips into deep Canada and Michigan, on Hiking, Back Packing and Canoeing explorations. learned alot doing these things. Still learning!

Moth-Bee-FlowerI have met people who could pull out the scientific name of almost anything we came across in the outdoors. Others could talk for 30 minutes on just about any critter, insect, Tree or plant. How some of these people even retain all this information still astounds me. But I listen in Awwww, as they are willing to share their experiences and knowledge of the Natural world.

Then there have been the equipment nuts. I was one of those for most of my youth. Could name any Manufacturer, serial number and model number, of any piece of gear or equipment on the market. Tried most of the stuff out as well. Great experience! But things are changing so often it becomes impossible to keep up with much of what is out there. It is one of the reason I love all you HM people. You all share your stories and experiences of gear and equipment use, not to mention the critter encounters.

I am writing this Blog because there is a big difference in many of these people. SomeMiss-Lady-Bug learn about the outdoors in great detail, but have trouble sharing. Others know little, but will tell you a story of their experience that has you hanging on the edge of your seat. Their enthusiasm is what makes the story. The excitement of just being outdoors and then telling others of that experience.

I am so very happy I have met all those Geeks, who just know EVERYTHING about critters, Plants, Trees and insects. But it would not be the same with the people who just love Mother earth, and want to share their experiences with everyone that will listen. Not sure who I have learned more from. 🙂

I think I speak for many HM people when I say that we all enjoy hearing about each others outdoor explorations, seeing your latest pictures and notes. It enthuses us to go out and see the same things, or find our own unique spot or critter to tell you all about.

NLJim&groupPANOSo keep sending us your pictures. Keep telling us about your latest Hike, Canoe Paddle, or outdoor experience. We are all waiting to hear about those Cool places to experience the best in the Outdoors. The simplest of moments with the best results. 🙂 We cannot get enough of all of your outdoor experiences, Park explorations or just your sitting along the Lake shore at sunset.


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