First Day of Spring

March 21, 2013

According to the Sun/Moon and planet….it is officially Spring. That is even backed up by the Groundhog and his slightly false prediction this year. 🙂 I was reading a posting from our friend Janet Hug, local Birder and Weather person. She had posted some beautiful photos of shots taken on this very day last year, when the temperature was 80 degrees.

I am sure many of you are saying…..well….where is it? But what happened last year with this to early Springtime temps., was that we had a freeze shortly afterwards that destroyed alot of the fruit crops and many other plants that got fooled into believing it truly was FULL SPRINGTIME.

It gets hard to say things like……it should be 80 degrees yet. We may want it to be 80 degrees, because by this point in the year, most of us have had enough Winter, cold weather, snow and everything else. But we need these seasons for everything to work right. If you through the seasons calendar off even by a little bit, it can have catastrophic results to the environment. We need these transition periods in-between the official seasons to make it all work correctly.

I was just reading a 10 year study about the Migration habits of many different Bird species. The Study claimed that many of the migratory birds have shifted their comings and goings by 2-3 weeks, due to what they believe has been these odd seasonal changes and strange weather conditions. Like 80 degrees on the second week of March in southern Michigan. Not correct temperatures.

So what you say. Well, just like the freeze we got, shortly after the week or so of 80 degree temperatures last year, and then the freeze afterwards, that had very bad consequences not just for the fruit crops, but for many other species. From insects to Trees to many different critters, things are timed to happen at a certain part of each season.

If the insect supply is not where it should be at a particular time, then many young hatchlings, fish and others will fail due to that critical food sources needed right at that time period. I watched as the Great Blue Herons returned to their nesting site at Holland Ponds this year, in the first week of March. The earliest I have seen that happen to date. I have watched as they have stood semi-freezing at the tops of the tallest trees, waiting for mates to arrive. Even surviving this early cold arrival, the Herons producing youngsters right away, may have difficulty in gathering all the food needed for themselves and young hatchlings if the young turtles and fish they feed on, have not yet reproduced themselves due to the cold condition still enveloping S.E.Michigan and the herons extra early return.

The balance in Nature is a very delicate one. A few weeks of climate differences can mean big changes in what will be happening that year. It is a snowball effect as well. One creature fails, and this produces a failure in another area too. Notice the much larger then normal insect populations we had in Michigan last year? Our almost no Winter, warm Spring and hot summer, produced a huge in-balance in the way of things.

So…..the first day of Spring does not mean the temperatures should change from 30 degrees, to 80 degrees overnight. The transitions between seasons are just as important as the seasons themselves. Take it all in. These in-between periods are just as exciting as the main seasons are. In many cases they are rare, short-lived time periods where big things take place. Things that will only take place once that year, and only during those transition periods.

The first Day of Spring only indicates celestial cycles and Earth alignments. The time on either side of these exact season days are the very exciting times during which everything changes in one way or another. And how wonderful is that. 🙂


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