February 1, 2013

So everyone that has enjoyed the last Nature Trail at Holly Recreation area for over 10 years now, will no longer be able to do so. This last Nature Trail at Holly Recreation area, that did not allow BIKE traffic will be modified. I use the term modified because as DNR Trails Coordinator Jim Radabaugh would have us all believe, absolutely nothing will happen to the Lakeshore Trail at Holly. Now read this below and look at the Map and see if you believe that Jim thinks we are all Fools?

Do you believe the existing Lakeshore Trail will also be maintained by the Park along with the new BIKE Pathway? Do you think the Nature experience will be the same with the new BIKE Pathway in place? Do you think this is a good idea? Who’s idea was it? Why do this? Where is the collected data that so pushed you DNR officials into spending millions of our PASSPORT dollars on this project, while the Park roads at Holly alone, are in hideous shape? Where are your senses?

Take a good hard look at the Map that shows the Lakeshore Trail at Holly. DNR Trails coordinator Jim Radabaugh says that the Lakeshore Trail will not be disturbed by the new BIKE Pathway around the Lakes. Jim thinks we are all Fools. Look at how much space there is in between the existing Trail and the road. That is where they will be installing the new BIKE Pathway. They will be leveling Trees and earth to get this new Limestone/Paved Pathway to meet Federal Handi-Cap standards.


The new BIKE Pathway will be 6 foot wide. Now imagine these two Trails literally side by side. Nice Nature experience now on the Lakeshore Trail, EHY? It amazes me that Jim Radabaugh DNR Trails Coordinator and DNR Parks & Rec. Chief Ron Olson can treat us people like we are all stupid. These people are our employees and they are raping our lands for their own personal agendas. The DNR is suppose to be looking after our Natural Resources. Does any of this sound like that is what they are doing? Both of you, along with park supervisor Shawn Speaker should all be completely ashamed of yourselves. And then to try and tell us some inane story about how these two Trails will exist side by side. PITIFUL!

Please email or call Jim & Ron and ask the above stated questions of our officials at the DNR. WHY?
Jim Radabaugh
Ron Olson   Phone: 517-373-9900 DNR-EXEC


Do Not even bother contacting Park supervisor Shawn Speaker. His actions speak loudly of his integrity here. Know that if we all do not stop these state employees now, before the end of this summer, they will have destroyed the Lakeshore Trail and this entire end of Holly Recreation area. Make no mistake about it. These people are and will do these things, no matter how insane it appears to the rest of us.



  1. How can this be happening????? Our DNR is suppose to look after the health and well being of our Natural Resources and yet they would install a Paved/Limestone BIKE Pathway, next to a Nature Foot Trail and tell us people that this is OK? This will not adversely affect the environment there? That they just have to have BIKES in this area of the Park? This last real Nature Trail at Holly Recreation is the only one left that does not allow Mountain Biking. All the other Trails at the Park have fallen aside to the demands of the Mountain Bikers to gain access to everything. NO TRAIL IS TO BE LEFT WITHOUT A MOUNTAIN BIKE ON IT. And they are proud of that kind of thinking. There are plenty of good places to Mountain Bike. WHY must they have access to EVERY Trail in EVERY park in Michigan. They already have that access, just like the rest of us do…..on FOOT. It is their BIKES that are the problems. So why is our DNR doing these kinds of Nature destructive things? Please write our NR reps and tell them NO. Ask them WHY? And then tell them if they continue to use OUR Passport money on these kinds of destructive anti-Natural Resources projects, that we all will stop purchasing PASSPORT stickers and giving them money to destroy Nature. We will be showing you places and ways to access your state lands, here at Hiking Michigan without being forced to support the bad deeds of our DNR in their focus to destroy the Natural world in Michigan. Stand by and write or call your DNR REP.

  2. Why would a mountain biker want to ride on a paved trail? This isn’t for mountain bikers, it’s for campers who just want to go for a leisurely ride around the lake. Kinda like Kensington Metropark. I wonder if they will let people with roller blades on it?

    • Pretty disgusting if the Mountain Bikers will not ride this new Jim Radabaugh BIKE Pathway. Will the Greenways Alliance people still want Jim to Talk as a guest speaker at their conventions in the Tri-state area? This is a great use of our PASSPORT money then. A new declared BIKE Pathway that the M.Bikers do not want. That the Hikers, Geocachers, Birders and every other Nature enjoying person, do not want. But apparently just a Mass drove of Campers came to Jim Radabaugh and Shawn Speaker and claimed they really needed a paved/Limestone Bike Pathway around the two LAKESHORE Trail lakes? So without doing any further analysis, or checking with any of the Groups that have used and maintained this original Nature style Trail there, the DNR determined it was wise to spend our PASSPORT money and build this new BIKE Pathway that Jim Radabaugh claims will be maintained along with the existing Lakeshore Trail as not to interfere between the two. Again…..Just how stupid do you think we all are Jim? Look at the detailed, GPSed Map on this post and see if your Landscaping degree can tell you if there is enough room to install one of your Famous BIKE Pathways in between the Park road and the existing Lakeshore Trail. Look hard Jim. Think it will fit? Is this good Money Management? Good Natural Resources Management? Good public relations as you never even spoke with the locals who have used and maintained this Trail even when the DNR could not do so on their own. What do you think Jim? Any Nature left there after you butcher the whole area?

  3. Three times the Holly Lakeshore trail Map has been HACKED and removed from this post. Fear will do those kinds of things to liars. The Map is back, and the Map speaks for itself, and Jim Radabaughs explanations on the new Lakeshore Trail not interfering with the old Lakeshore Trail is just plain nonsense. Just look at the Map and see if what Jim is trying to sell us is the truth or just a bunch of jive garbage. Did the MTGA feed Jim this info at one of the last meetings he lectured at for them? Jim hangs with the Mountain Bikers and the Linear BIKE Pathway groups. He speaks at their meetings and even lectures out of state at their fellow organizations. kind of hard to tell just who Jim works for at times. Now that BILL SB 78 has passed and there is no need for Natural resources concerns, we can get a highschool kid to do Jim’s job as Trails coordinator and save the state a tremendous amount of money he is overpaid. No need for any degrees or anything. Just put them BIKE pathways where ever you want to Ron Olson. really no need for Jim.

  4. Who is the contracting firm that will do the job?

  5. Call the Park supervisor or the DNR Trails coordinator Jim Radabaugh for further details. It is a state job. They would have all the answers.

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