Metro Parks 5 Year Plans

January 25, 2013

Well it seems a bit odd that a new 5 year Parks plan would be happening with our state lands and the DNR and the Metro Parks at the same time. Coincidences like this always make me concerned. They are not usually coincidences. Especially since there has been quite a bit of collusion between the DNR and the Metro Parks these last couple of years.

But I must commend the Metro Parks for at least putting out a Parks Report that truly reflected the real activities taking place at the Metro Parks system, and out in our Forests and Meadows of Southeastern Michigan.

There where a few places in the Report that it was very obvious that someone was trying very hard to push that Paved, Linear BIKE Pathway nonsense, like the DNR is conning everyone about. But for the most part the Report is very informative. It is worth running through. Again….these are the places we all use to get away, enjoy Nature and relax. It is worth watching what is taking place there. Here is the Link to the Metro Parks Parks Report. They will be building a 5 year Plan around this data.

It is worth reading through the information the Metro Parks have collected. One section are the latest Maps and details for each of the 13 parks in the Metro Parks system. This is a wonderful piece of work and great detailed info about each of the Parks.

The DNR has alot of explaining to do. The data that the Metro Parks system collected just does not jive with the DNRs own info. According to,our DNR, Geocaching off Trails does not even take place anywhere in Michigan. Not much Hiking, Birding or Nature activity either. Just a bunch of road and Mountain Bikers whizzing around the state. They are  joined by many Tourists from out of state all wanting to do  the same things……Bike from one location to another. Hundreds of miles they want to Bike. Only that does not jive with another fact our DNR collected and that was that most people enjoy a usual 2hr. segment of time at a State Park. Going to take an awful long time to get from Gaylord to Petosky on those kind of time tables. The math doesn’t add up in the DNR Report. But it does in the Metro Parks Report.

All and all…..Great job on collecting data, examining the 13 Parks, doing quality mapping and Natural Resources analysis and generally being honest about what you put together for determining a quality 5 year Parks Plan. Just do not get fooled by those few idiots who think we are all stupid here in Michigan, and people still believe that most of Michigan wants even more Millions of our dollars spent on BIKE Pathways to Nowhere, to keep private sector, Non Profit groups and their salaried employees in great careers.

Check out the Metro Parks Plans and data collected, here at the Link:   http://www.metroparks.com/metroparks/content.aspx?ID=1196#



  1. I wouldn’t get too bent out of shape about the 5-year Plans happening at the same time. The Village of Holly is re-doing their 5-Year Plan this year also. Five-Year Plans are required by the state for a municipality to be eligible for State grant money, and I assume the same rules apply to State Parks and MetroParks. If I were to guess, I’d say that most Parks and municipalities performed their first 5-Year Plan the first year that the requirement was put into place, and then every five years since then. Since everyone started these 5-year plans on the same year, and skipping a year means ineligibility for State funds, everyone re-does their 5-year plan every five years, in the same year.

    • Good info Chris. The biggest part of the 5 year Plans where that the DNRs data collected for their upcoming 5 year Plan was completely out of whack with what the Metro Parks had collected. yes…..these are different types of Parks, yet even with the Metro Parks being a more developed type of Park, their data showed more realistic numbers when laying out their Trails and Park visitors data. The difference was so enormous between what the DNR said they collected and what the Metro Parks had collected, there is definitely room to ask many questions on why the data appears to be so skewed to what the DNR wants and what the Metro mearly collected in information. It has been my direct experience with the DNR these last two years in particular, that they have set all their own goals and ideas, and then tried to make the data, Surveys and manipulated public opinions fit their already decided upon plans. This is how all of their Trails Advisory Committees work. It is a horrible system that produces the horrible Plans they posted in their preliminary 5 year Trails Plans. The real numbers and Users of our State Lands do not reflect the direction the DNR is going. Yet they will; even go as far as to ignore their own data or manipulate terms to meet their preconceived Plans. It is actually criminal when you realize these people represent all the people in Michigan and not just these few elitists. There is room for all users in our Parks, until the powers at hand change the numbers or ignore the facts and just do what the people yelling the loudest want. That is how people become alienated to some of the User Groups. I was riding a M.Bike when it was called a “Cross-Bike”. But I am now so embarrassed by the behavior of the DNR, the MMBA/IMBA Lobbyists that I seldom get on my Bike anymore because of what it says to me and others. I am not the only one that feels this way. And the numbers are growing rapidly.

    • Chris….you need to read the entire Metro Parks Report a couple of times to quote them as you have. At the very beginning of their data collections they start out with some base Park uses data. The bottom line is that these numbers do not coincide in the slightest, with what the DNR collected on the Foot Trails User in Michigan. I hope when you find this Report from the DNR, you will be as critical of it as well. Just because it lies and is jaded to the promotion of BIKE Linear Pathways will not obscure your vision on being a good Nature loving and protector as you have claimed? Correct? I find that most Mountain Bikers love to call themselves Nature seeking Bikers, yet they will not even look at their own Trails and Natural Resources destruction, or they fear their Trails will be taken away. Horseman attend Trails meeting exclusively to defend themselves against Mountain Bikers. That is a fact. Horse use on state lands have been around for generations and long before this inanimate object, the BIKE has been speeding around our Parks. It is funny that if M.Bikers where so much the Nature enjoying people as all the other User Groups, how come I have never seen a M.Biker at any meeting or work detail trying to help out the Natural Resources in Michigan. Rebuild the jump ramps or fake Trail curves at Holdridge and less then 10 show up. Do something for the Natural world that just helps out everyone and does nothing directly and specifically the M.Bikers and they are no where to be found. Holly Rec. has no Park Planners. You tell me that they determined that these limestone Pathways will attract more Users. You say this without knowing how many people Use the Lakeshore Trail to begin with, and without know how many people will use the Pathway once the environment has been destroyed with Bull dozers. All of this is just your personal opinion based on nothing. Do you feel it is right to fool others in this manner with incorrect data or none at all? Your own comments Chris, that you do not want to use these new Limestone Pathways tells me that unless they have a thrill, most Bikers are not interested. Your assumption that making wide limestone Pathway will attract more people to the Park is just plain incorrect, and if someone told that to you…..they are lieing. Even the Park supervisor Shawn Speaker knows this. These insane BIKE pathways are instigated and controlled by Ron Olson of the DNR. If there was anyone considered a Park Planner it would have been the District supervisor Carl Lindell. Surprising enough, Carl has just left the DNR for another state position on their DNR team. Interesting coincidence. If you are talking about another District supervisor like Luba Sitar, who sits with Ron Olson on many S.E.MI. Park plans. Well she was involved with the corruption our at Proud Lake a few years back. I made many complaints to Olson and the DNR about the Park supervisors and Luba Sitar using the Park for their own monetary personal gains. Yet Ron did nothing. Then after a few years of stealing and lieing, the DNR got so slapped in the face with these criminal behaviours they fired the two Park supervisors. but kept their boss, Luba Sitar on. Is that who you want to be analysing Holly’s Parks Plans? Chris…..Do you really believe these people? Or do they do what your BIKE group likes, so you look the other way? Shawn Speaker knows the truth at Holly. But I will let him tell it. Or be a lier like the rest of them. Lets see what Shawn does. I really suggest you take some time and get truly informed on these matters. Promoting these bad ideas like you know what is happening there, gives a very bad and wrong impression to many people who may take your word for it, when it is incorrect. Answer one more things for yourself. Are you proud to hand over our Parks and Healthy Natural resources as you see them, to your children?

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