PLEASE HELP our Beautiful Michigan survive our own DNR

January 19, 2013

This is our last chance to speak up and tell our DNR what we feel about all these Linear BIKE Pathways they are spending millions of our PASSPORT dollars on instead of Real foot Trails, Infrastructure rebuilding of the aged Parks and fighting the biggest problem in Michigan, Invasive Species. Do not be fooled by their word terms.

It used to be that Trails where considered for Foot Travel. Hiking, Birding, geocaching, Hunting, etc, and Pathways where these linear Bike, oneway asphalt or crushed Limestone things that usually went nowhere. Do not be fooled while taking their Survey. They now use the term Trails to refer to all of their Bike Linear Pathway Plans. That is how desperate they have become at getting their ways and how manipulated they are by Bike Lobbyists, and Greenways Non Profit groups who all only care about their personal, private sector  salaries and power structures.

Please take their Survey, We have until January 25th. Please help Michigan Nature survive and not be battered down by these shortsighted, self full filling schemers who want nothing good for the major users of Michigan’s Parks and Waterways. Their own Surveys told them over 80% of Michigan people want Trails and Parks and improvements made there with our PASSPORT money. They then manipulated that into meaning the people wanted their Linear, Oneway BIKE Pathways to Nowhere. Either asphalt or crushed Limestone, six foot wide right of ways in many places. Does that sound like something You foot travelers want? Know that you are the majority User. They have to actually LIE, to get a different answer here.

Please take this DNR Survey. It is anonymous. Let them know their Plans are completely off the mark. Take a moment to read their actual Trails Plans. It will revolt you at just what they will do over the next 5 years if they are not stopped. PASSPORT fees have already been increased another dollar after less then 2 years in use. That’s because the DNR is spending millions on these Linear Bike Pathways, 11 million dollar ADVENTURE Centers in Detroit and other bad money management. Please help stop this and protect our Natural resources and heritage in our beautiful Michigan. PLEAS.


This is not a Political thing here. It is the people of Michigan who care about stopping Invasive Species from taking over every Park in the state and that includes the Lakes and Waterway. It is people who care about destroying the largest Great Blue heronry in Southeastern Michigan in the name of even more Linear, Asphalt BIKE Pathways. That was $300,000 dollars of our PASSPORT money donated by our DNR to make that happen. Dead Herons selected over not getting their Bike Pathway. This is from the state agency we have entrusted with the protection and health of our states ecosystems, Parks and Waterway. What are they thinking?


  1. I did read the plan and took the survey , giving some opinions. I stated that being respectful of sensitive natural areas and wildlife habitat should be a very high priority.

    • Pat….it now appears that even MUCC has sold out. The director is now a promoter of the state-wide BIKE pathways. Even though we cannot hunt or Fish from them, the director is very impressed with the Plans and gives her full support. I wonder how many MUCC ,members know of this. I have had the most respect for MUCC since I was in high-school, but now? It is funny how things go these days. I am only guessing, but I would believe that the MUCC director is a great office manager but has little or no true outdoor experience. Certainly sounded that way in the interviews she did on the BIKE pathways stuff. So here is this degreed individual with no real life experience, making comments she apparently does not understand, has influence through out the state. It is like children at play. Like high-school level dealings.More and more I see these types of things. Where a few clever people realize just how much we have downgraded our people, managers and understanding as a society, and they take full advantage of this to manipulate things for themselves or a select few. Just horrible stuff.

  2. I am ashamed that our state is not working harder to presure our
    beautiful land and water. They have ruined the huron waters by draining it and I have lost several feet of shoreline and those weeds
    have taken over……………………………… We have lost our fisherman and many wildlife ,but no one is listening to our shore cry for help.
    We have the most freash waters and we are loosing them fast.

  3. It does not seem like much, but telling others about what you know helps tremendously. Also…..writing or emailing our Representatives and the DNR helps. They may not respond to us directly, but they are listening and see what is taking place. This Blog is monitored by our DNR, so they hear what the people are saying. Our Wonderful state has the very best VOLUNTEERS anywhere! If there is one saving grace we have, it is these Thankless people who are out there fighting the Invasive Species and working at restoring the damage caused by thoughtless DNR decisions.

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