Do Today, What you think you can do tomorrow

January 4, 2013

I have been examining the past year to see what I have learned and how I can change my life for the better in the upcoming year. I had created a short list of changes that I thought would be beneficial for a better life in 2013. And then today I threw out that list.

I received a phone call from a life time friend, who I had not seen for a year or so, due to my own bad health in 2012. It seems his wife, my dear friend had passed away. He carried this load alone, until now.

I thought of the many times this past year that even not feeling very well, I wished to stop in, if just for a few moments and say Hello. But I did not. I told myself that they would be there in a few months when I felt better myself, and I would stop in then. It did not work out that way.

So I threw away my nonsense New years list and replaced it with just one thing. Do Today, what you may not get a chance to do tomorrow. One never knows what may happen tomorrow. If this sound like……Live life to it’s fullest, each and every day, then so be it. If any one thing will affect my life in 2013 and years to come, it will be those words. Do It Today! Do Not Wait until Tomorrow.

I know this is about as far off the Outdoors as I can go, but I just thought it was valuable knowledge. A lesson I personally do not want to relearn. You will be deeply missed Debbie!


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