Top 2012 Post…..Animal Tracks

January 2, 2013

We did a number of posts this year on Animal Tracks. It is great fun and a wonderful way to discover what critters are roaming the areas we Hike in. In 2012, the number one posts where the three postings on Animal Tracks. Here is the latest one, complete with a link to get our 2 page TRACKS ID SHEETS.

Just finished the latest version of our Michigan Animal Tracks ID sheets. It is a two page file, that covers most of the upland forest animals and stream side critters as well. These are the most common animal tracks we see, here in Southeastern Michigan.

This two page ID sheets will be given to all in attendance of our upcoming MNA, Wilcox-Warned HIKE . We hope you will find these ID sheets helpful in your winter hiking and exploring. It is great fun for all ages, to examine what kind of wildlife is roaming the areas we Hike in.

Download the ANIMAL TRACKS ID sheets here:http://www.hikingmichigan.com/PDFinfo/ForestStreamAnimalTracks.pdf




One comment

  1. The link to the Animal Tracks PDF file is incorrect. I think the correct one is http://hikingmichigan.com/PDFinfo/ForestStreamAnimalTracks.pdf

    Happy Hiking!

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