What would YOU, like to see or hear about?

December 26, 2012

BOOTSmainPATCHI write as often as I can, here on the HM Blog. Sometimes it is just straight INFO sheets to pass along new ideas or old experience from the many experienced outdoors-man in the Group.

Many things inspire these posts. Sometimes it is a direct member request. Other times someone may have made a Facebook posting or an opinion posting that got me thinking, and our plops a Blog posting. 🙂

Remember as we go into 2013. YOU, the members of Hiking Michigan, always have a say in almost everything that takes place with the Group and it’s many Internet locations. So if you would like to see a new Map on a specific Park, then let us know and we will get it going. Want some info on a certain outdoor activity? Let us know and I will get to researching and posting an eventual INFO sheet on that subject.

Sharing knowledge and outdoor experience is a big reason Hiking Michigan exists. Even our Hikes are more an introduction to a particular Trail or Park. Given a Map of the Park, and guided on one of the Trails as a Group, we always hope that many of you will return with your maps to explore on your own.

So let us know what you would like to see and hear about, here on the HM Blogs. That goes for the Hiking North/Central Michigan Blog, where Mark has a Review going on Ice Cleats for your Boots


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