Happy Christmas & Merry New year

December 19, 2012

Just wanted to wish all you Hiking Michigan people a very Happy Christmas and Merry New year. We had a little slower 2012 Hiking year due to some personal health issues, but things are progressing well now, and hopefully, with a little snow, we will be out on the Trails Snow Shoeing and Sledding. Still looking at breaking the 12 1/2 foot Snowman record as well. happy.gif

Things get pretty hectic around this time of year and we sometimes can easily forget what it is all about. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, or whatever, we all need to take some time, forget the shopping, waiting, frustrations of traffic and work, and just relax for some time with our Families, Friends, and Loved Ones. Life is short and we never know just when our times are finished here on the planet. At least for these couple of weeks each year, lets take some time, Hug our Friends and Families and remember how lucky we are to have our health, have our Loved Ones and know that we are not alone.

We hope you all have a great News Years for 2013. Here at Hiking Michigan we have many special outdoor explorations planned for all of you. It should be the best year yet in 2013. We are entering our 15th year in existence and our membership has grown to over 6,000 members. With the new expanded North/Central Group, led by our director Mark Wilson, we hope to become the largest outdoor organization in Michigan in 2013. This is all thanks to you HM members. You have created a warm, friendly and sharing place that absolutely anyone can come and feel right at home out on the Trails, even with complete strangers. That’s YOU who has done that. Not the name Hiking Michigan. It has always been YOU members, doing what you all do best…….share your knowledge and outdoor experiences with everyone. You truly have lived up to our Motto…..”OUTDOORS FOR EVERYONE”.
Thank You all, and we will see you out on the Trails in 2013!!
Rob Golda



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