Being Truthful and Honest

December 8, 2012

I know this post has absolutely nothing to do with Hiking Michigan, the Outdoors or the Natural world. But it is something that I think many of us are seeking each time we head out to a Park, waterway or to experience Mom Nature and all her wonders.


This week, the oldest person living on the planet, passed away at age 116 years old. Mrs. Besse Cooper  was the daughter of a Confederate solder. She was not the oldest person ever. The oldest recorded living human was Jeanne Calment of France (1875–1997), who died at age 122 years, 164 days. These are amazing ages to live to. And both women where relatively healthy when they passed away.

Yes…..at any age over 100 years old, one will be more fragile and unable to do all the things that they might wish to do. But both of these women died Happy, according to their families. What is the secret? What did Besse do that kept her going for 116 years?

Her son was questioned after the funeral and hesitated to  answer the question. He said that there was no specific food regiments that his Mother followed, or any great Vitamins she took to achieve this grand old age. After some further hesitation Besse’s son responded to the question on why his Mom might have lived so long and was still Happy at her death.

He said simply……She led a Truthful and Honest life. Those where the things most important to her, and what she strained her actions and thoughts threw.

Now I would imagine that there might have been some genetic things going on here, and maybe Besse ate a solid diet of a more natural blends. Maybe she exercised regularly. Her son said she got out as often as she could. But his eyes lit up when he told the reporter about his Mom living an honest and truthful life.

You could see that this WAS the bottom line for Besse. Think about this for just one moment. Even if you do not believe in a God, so that being honest and truthful had nothing to do with your faith and or Religion. The self fulfillment of telling the truth to everyone. The lack of any remorse, knowing that you where honest to all, no matter if they where family, friends or strangers.

It seems to me that heading out to the Forest to contemplate or go over ones life, is counter productive if you haven’t already laid the ground work in living an Honest and Truthful life.


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