HM Milestones

December 5, 2012

Well…..this week, we crossed the 6,000 members line here at Hiking Michigan. I would never have guessed that 14 years ago, we would be where we are at today. Our main Blog receives 100-180 unique HITS each and every day, and our Quarterly Outdoor NewsLetter gets over 18,000 downloads per issue.

This year we also have expanded our Southeastern Michigan based HIKING Group, out into the 26 counties that comprise the North/Central regions of the lower peninsula. And we found a great new leader and director for this new group, in Mark Wilson. City of Evart, Parks & Recreation.

Our HIKES draw anywhere from 25-120 people per Hike. That is amazing in itself, to me. For many years we would bring in 5-15 Hikers on a regular basis. Now we usually need a second Trails leader and a guaranteed “Sweeper” to bring up the rear of the Pack. Our Trails Motto is:  “We NEVER leave anyone behind”. It has always been important to us, that everyone not only return to the starting point, with the Group, but that a quality outdoor experience is had by everyone.

These things have been accomplished on our Hikes, by YOU. The loyal and dedicated members at Hiking Michigan. You have set high standards for Trails etiquette and behaviour. Your Sharing of outdoor knowledge with everyone, and the Camaraderie with even the New Hikers, is what has made us the place to come and experience a quality outdoor good time.

Not sure what 2013 holds in store for us, but I surely look forward to the adventures with all of you. You have created a place that absolutely anyone can come and join in and feel comfortable with complete strangers, and still even have a great time exploring and learning about the Natural world. Hiking Michigan is the largest Hiking Organization in the state of Michigan, and the second largest Outdoor Organization in the state. Second only to MUCC. You all have done an excellent job. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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