Michigan…..Born & Raised

November 21, 2012

Recently, while posting on Facebook for Hiking Michigan, one of my friends there (Bryan) changed his profile picture to this logo below. For some reason it has been in my head ever since. I even stole the picture (with Bryan’s permission) and modified it by adding our state insignia and colorizing it. I even went as far as to enlarge it, Print it and throw it into an old frame I had laying around, and hung it in my office.

I was born and raised in Michigan and will die here in my home state some day. But I guess I did not realize how very proud I am to live here in Michigan. YA……we have our problems like any other state. Economy not doing so well, our own DNR trying to turn our Natural Resources into amusement Parks and forgetting about just what this state is known for. I will continue on that subject in another Posting.

When I was growing up we where known as the “Water, Winter Wonderland”. That is what was on our license plates. And it was how we where seen in the rest of America. A place where the natural beauty and the endless waterways and lakes, where like no other place in the Union. This is still so…..although it all needs some great tender loving care to get it back to a healthy natural environment.

But even still……after traveling much of the USA, I do not know of another place like Michigan. You can be down in the Southeastern or Southwestern areas of the state and have the immense Industrial complexes, renowned Universities and some of the largest communities in America. Then…..with a couple to a few to 12 hours of driving, one can experience almost anything in the natural world you desire. From rolling forests and meadows, countless fishing and canoeable rivers. Diverse ecosystems that overwhelm even the most experienced of Naturalists. Lakes upon lakes, interconnected with streams of spring water.

I know of no other place like it. You can find examples of these things in other states. But they are ALL here in just Michigan alone. Most people have to plan a trip to see and experience a certain type of environment. And that is usually it. Here in our beautiful Michigan, you never have to leave the state. Just drive to a different area of the state and you have something special and unique. Dunes, fresh water Islands, more waterfalls then you can count, and endless wildlife and Natural Resources that very few other states possess.

I was Born and Raised in Michigan, and I will never live any other place. It is all right here. Just hold up your hand and point to where you want to be. πŸ™‚


  1. Nailed it!

  2. I have the same feeling about Michigan. Born here, raised here, live here, will likely die here. It’s got lots of natural beauty and more fresh water than anywhere else in the world. Empire Bluffs, near Sleeping Bear Dunes, is one of my all time favourite places to visit- above Lake Michigan. We still have pollution on a massive scale to deal with however and I hope our efforts to protect and clean up our environment persists and actually strengthens. The EPA and the DNR still issue permits to corporations like Dow Chemical and Ford Motor to pollute our air, water and land. That must cease. I want a clean Michigan, a pure Michigan , a naturally beautiful and healthy Michigan for it’s people and it’s wildlife. Conservation, preservation, restoration and recreation are good and worth working for. Thanks for reminding us about this wonderful state of ours Robert.
    Patrick Demers

    • Thanks Pat. Miss your face and our discussions. The area around Empire is mine and my wife’s favorite. Of course I have many favorites in Michigan, like you. But there is ALWAYS something soothing about that area and coastline of lake Michigan. The mouth of the Platte river, up to Empire is all so very special. We have walked most of the coastline and inland, all around there. EVERY single year we vacation for some period of time in that stretch. EVERY YEAR. We never tire of it. I used to own some property along the Ausable, just east of Grayling. I thought when I bought the land, many, many years ago, that this is where I would like to retire some day. I no longer own the property and would prefer to be along the stretch of coastline on Lake Michigan. I have felt good about showing many people the Natural world through Hiking Michigan, all these years. But as I get older I have become soooooooooooo concerned of the health of all our Natural Resources in Michigan. More and more I cannot seem to focus on anything else. It seems to me that if it all is not healthy, what is the point of showing it to anyone. I have started a few things to try and remedy this. A web site and Blog called Michigan Natural Resources. It will be debuted shortly. I am hoping it will bring awareness to the many Invasive Species and the things we need to protect and look harder after. Yes…..the name is suppose to be like the DNRs. Almost as a push for them to realize they have big jobs and important ones in caring for all of our natural places here. I will email you on the opening of things here. I look forward to when I can travel again and be back outdoors regularly. Because this will mean that not only can I experience all that I love again, but it also means I can see the people that influence my life and give me the energy to move forward on important work.People Like YOU! I much look forward to a very long Campfire together when ever it becomes possible. Be well, and keep up all the work and missions. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the comments Robert. Looking forward to reading your new blog and more campfire chats. You provide a wonderful service to Michiganders and nature lovers!

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