Again…..the Volunteers!

October 14, 2012

It is getting so, that almost every thing that I hear about, that truly benefits all the people of Michigan, is being done by various Volunteers and Volunteer groups. Selfless acts, done for no money or in many cases, little to no acknowledgement.

Invasive Species control and removal…….almost exclusively Volunteers. The Osprey Programs over the years. Backed by the Detroit Zoo and others, but only happened because of the participation of the Volunteers that made the programs possible.

Trails maintenance in our State Parks. Almost exclusively being done by Scouts and Volunteer groups. Very little to no efforts by our own DNR. Which we pay to do this,

River and Lakes cleanup and logging. Again, besides some very specific and few special studies by groups mostly financed by our Tax dollars, these activities take place because of the Volunteer groups.

Although this actually makes me a bit angry that our DNR has lost focus on what we pay them for and what their real duties are as the Department of Natural Resources, and not the Department of New Recreation, I am so very proud to see all the Volunteers who have stepped up to take care of our Natural Resources, Trails, Birds, Invasive Species and the overall health of the ecosystems through out our beautiful state.

If not for all of your dedicate people, who do not get paid, or seldom even Thanked for your hard manual labor, we would not have the health and beauty we do experience in our state. Our own DNR should be looking at all of you for examples on what THEY should be doing, and how THEY should be acting.

Thank You Volunteers everywhere in Michigan. You now make this state what it is, in the way of healthy Natural Resources. Maybe some day, you all will get the help from the agency we all back with our PASSPORT money, and the DNR will actually set up programs that are real and not fake in their efforts to keep healthy ecosystems flourishing in Michigan.

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  1. Hope you will check out the Sandhill Cranes this year. 5000 to 6000 will arrive at the Haehnle Sanctuary at the end of Octt begin of Nov. Best time is 2 hours before sunset. http://www.sandhillcranesgather.wordpress.com or the http://www.haehnlesanctuary.org They can accommodate large groups.

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