Fall Birds are Singing

October 9, 2012

You may have noticed an increase in Bird songs taking place each Fall season. Nothing more soothing then sitting under a Fall tree which has turned bright red, and hearing the beautiful sounds of the many different birds that have not migrated, echoing through out the forest.

It is an interesting phenomena that in the Fall, most birds will start to sing once again. In the Springtime, the males are claiming territory and trying to attract a mate with their songs. It is a wonderful time of year, filled with so many different songs and sounds. Then……after mating and nest building, many birds either stop completely, or cut their singing to a minimum. The summer months get pretty quite.

Then again, in the Fall, here in the Northeastern latitudes, many birds start their singing once again. There are a few reasons for this behaviour. Since it is the males that do most of the singing, it is the increased Testosterone both in the Spring months, and again in the Fall, that triggers these songs of territorial claims and mating attractions.

Like the cycles of life, after the Spring and Summer mating and rearing of young, the males go into another round of wanting to produce young. This triggers Testosterone production and singing. The cold weather then quickly stops the whole process. But in the meantime……..we all get the beautiful benefits of the songs they produce for a month or so, during the N.E. Fall season.

Scientist have also suggested that this Fall singing is connected to a group species, territorial declaration. The birds that do not migrate, will semi-group together, and stake claims to certain territories. There is some Social status involved here as well. Kinda like who is in charge while the majority of the species head off to wintering grounds,

No matter what exactly are the reasons for this resurgence in bird songs each Fall season, it is there, echoing in the colorful Fall trees, every year for our enjoyment. So, this year, when you head out for that Fall colors walk in the woods, stop and listen, and do not be surprised when you here many of those wonderful songs you heard in the Springtime. It is just another beautiful thing we get to experience here in Michigan, while living in a state that has all four seasons. What a nice Perk. 🙂


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