Best S.E.MI. Fall Colors

October 3, 2012

So…….you read my last posting and want to actually create your own Fall colors scene. Well…..the next step is knowing just a bit about Trees. In S.E.Michigan, like most of the state, we have an abundance of varied Trees. Why do we need various species of Trees? Because each species can produce different Fall colors.

So we need some places with many different kinds of Trees, and then hopefully……old Trees. The older trees usually produce the more brilliant colors. That’s why some of the tree lines along old Farms can produce such wonderful color spreads. Older Farms have some very old separating tree lines.

This is the case in Macomb county, around Wolcott Mill Metro Park. The Mill dates back to the 1800s, and so do many of the trees. Some of the Fall colors there, are more brilliant then any other place you can visit in the Fall. Add in the river and local streams, and you have the makings for excellent colors.

In southern Oakland county, at Highland Recreation area, one can again find some of the best Fall colors around. The Park is home to almost every variety of tree represented in Michigan. This makes for some beautiful displays of many varying colors/ Again…..add in the small lakes and ponds, rolling hills and you get some of the very best in S.E. Michigan.

In northern Oakland county, Seven Lakes State Park has the same type of scenario as Highland Recreation area does. Examples of many different tree species, plenty of water and rolling hills.

These are just a few of my personal favorites in the area. But there are of course so many here in S.E.Michigan, that I could just ramble on indefinitely. So get out during this special time of year and experience the changing of the world. 🙂 from Summer to Fall to Winter. We are very lucky here in Michigan to have four seasons, and Fall is such a special and colorful one.

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