Why do Leaves change Color?

September 27, 2012

We keep updating many of our Download sheets from the web site. This is one of my personal favorites. Why & How Leaves Change Color. It is a great, easy study on why the different trees produce the different colors we all love to see in the Fall.

Interestingly enough…..with a little study and maybe a Tree ID book, one can almost design out what kind of Fall colors they would like to see. On this particular ID sheet we have for you, we list out a number of very common trees, and the primary colors that particular tree species leaves will change too.

So knowing a little bit about what kind of trees are growing in a specific area, and you can know a bit in advance, what kinds of colors will be shining in the sun this Fall. Kinda like…..designing your own combination of Fall colors by knowing the Trees in your area. This does work pretty good. So take a look at the simple chart included with this Info Sheet and head out for your favorite specific Fall colors.

There are many useful Downloads and ID sheets that can help you enjoy the outdoors even more, on the Hiking Michigan DOWNLOADS page. Check out the Link here:


Download the “Why do Leaves Change Color” sheet here:



One comment

  1. This fall have been sooo vibrant in colors!!!

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