Seven Lakes FEN Hike Reviewed

September 16, 2012

Perfect day for a Hike anywhere! Not to hot, beautiful skies, and no humidity. Our only problem was a huge traffic jam out on I 75, that made people arrive at all different times for the Hike. So after some waiting in the parking area at Dickenson Lake, Chris & Pam took the vast majority of people who managed to get to the Park, around the road block, and headed for the Fen. The plan was for me to wait for the remainder of people who had called the Hiking Cell phone and where on their way.

The second group left about 1/2 hour after Chris & Pam left. We started the second group with about 8 people, and another 6 came up on us early on the Trail. I think we managed to gather everyone between Chris & Pam’s group and my group. The plan was to meet at the Fen. And we managed to do just that. Almost on Cue.

A Praying Mantis was waiting at the Fen for us. So was a little higher water levels because of the recent rains. Still no big deal on exploring the Fen. As with most of our Hikes……the main point is to get people familiar with an area or special place in a Park, so that they can return on their own and explore at their own time tables.

A Fen requires some time to be spent examining closely, the fine details hiding in the unique grasses. Tiny flowers, special insects all take some studying to even discover in a high vegetated area like a Fen.

Both groups met up at the Fen, roamed a bit and then headed back to the parking area. Even for the road blocks, we managed to gather up everyone, no matter how late they might have been, and we all got to visit the one of the many Fens at Seven Lakes.

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