VOLUNTEERS & Invasive Species

September 14, 2012

What would we do without all our Volunteers. I have noticed a HUGE amount of people volunteering from everything at working for the local Food Bank to out in our Parks, getting dirty and doing some very manual, backbreaking work. All these things for free.

These volunteers do these jobs because they care. No rewards, no money, and in many cases not even a Thank You. Their work affects many of us. In fact, in most cases the work these volunteers do, is work that would not get done without their efforts.

Take the heavy work of Invasive species removal and control in our State Parks. These are Parks owned by all of us people in Michigan. Most people do not even know that we have a Gigantic problem with Invasive species here in Michigan. In fact……it is the biggest problem our Parks and Waterways face these days.

The problem has been so mismanaged and ignored by the DNR (the people we hired to watch after our Natural Resources) that in some places, the problem cannot be fixed. The Invasive species have taken complete control over the natural environment and eliminated the native species that should be there.

But to the rescue come the children and young adults, in the way of Scouts. Yes…..there are also many groups of adults who work tremendously hard at removing and controlling the Invasive species problem plaguing every Park in Michigan. But I am seeing so many Eagle Scout projects and various Scouting Troops, doing regular Invasive species control programs, it makes me proud to be a onetime Scout,

So……just what would be happening in this area of living in Michigan, if not for those volunteers, working so hard, for no pay, at removing this HUGE problem we have? Well……all of a sudden to most people, things would not be the same as they have known it. Many animal species will disappear. The diversity of plant, tree and insect life would dwindle to just a few or none at all. Things would be green still…..but DEAD. The Living dead. All types of things growing that do not belong here, and that do not support the critters and life as we know it.

We cannot Thank these Thankless Volunteers for their tireless work at doing their jobs, that affect so much. What they do with Invasive species is not always noticed at first glance. But what they are saving is what most of us go out to our Parks to experience. A healthy Natural Resources based Park system. A Park teaming with life. Critters, all types of Trees and plants, and a diversity that makes life a wonder here in Michigan. Thank You Volunteers.

OH YA………what are you doing about this DNR (Department of Natural Resources.) We fund you well now with our PASSPORT money. So what are you doing with it, so that we need so many Volunteers to save our Parks and Waterway? Just wondering.

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