New HIKES Schedule & NewsLetter

September 6, 2012

Well…..we are back. Thank you for your patience while I had a longer then expected recoup time from some very bad health problems. All the nice wishes, cards and emails, just continues to show me why Hiking Michigan is second only to MUCC, as the largest Outdoor Organization in Michigan. You guys do it better then anyone. Your Camaraderie, kindness, sharing, and love for all the natural things in Michigan, reflects onto all the members, old and new.

So…..we start off a little slow with this new HIKES Schedule, but will pick up the pace quickly. This Saturday we are assisting an Eagle Scout friend in an Invasive species removal, out at Algoe Lake, in Ortonville Recreation area. We will do a bit of wandering afterwards. The clean up is for a unique FEN area along the lake shoreline.   EAGLE SCOUT INVASIVE SPECIES

On Saturday 9/15/12, is our annual FEN Hike, out at Seven Lake State Park. If you have never seen or experienced one of these rare and beautiful places, this is your chance. Carnivorous Pitcher plants, Orchids and maybe even the Massasagua rattle snake will be on hand. This is a short Hike, but be prepared to possibly get the “Gushies”  SEVEN LAKES FEN HIKE

On Saturday 9/29/12, Hiking Michigan will be in Marine City along the River, to help celebrate the Southeastern Michigan Girl Scouts, International River Crossing. We will have our official HM tent set up, along with other outdoor organizations. Lots of free stuff and things to “SWAP”. There will be a Ferry running people back and forth to Canada for the afternoon, to share the Festivities with the Canadian Girl Scouts on the other shoreline. This is the 45 year of this Event, and thousands of Scouts and Organizations participate. Stop in to the HM tent and get some free stuff. Don’t forget to bring something to SWAP. 🙂   GIRL SCOUT RIVER CROSSING

Get a copy of the new HIKES Schedule here:  HIKES SCHEDULE

We are working on the 47th addition of the HM  Outdoors NewsLetter. The last two issues had over 18,000 downloads, and with several hundred issues being physically printed for this special issue, we expect the readership to cross 25,000 state-wide. With those kinds of numbers, we will be approaching being the largest read Outdoor publication, dedicated to the Natural world in the state of Michigan. Once again, you Hiking Michigan people make things happen.

Check out the the 46th issue of the NewsLetter, which is on-line until the new issue is ready and up on the web site:   46th OUTDOOR NEWSLETTER

We have a number of new writers as well as our regulars for this next issue. Naturalist Dan Farmer is back, Janet Hug on Birding in Michigan has some of her unbelievable pictures and writing, and wait until you see some of the Park reviews we have in this issue. We should be releasing this Fall issue over the next 2-3 weeks.

Mark and I have also been working hard on getting a regular Hikes and Activities Schedule going for the new North/Central group. We will be returning with the infamous Hartwick Pines Movie/Birding walk through the Pines, in October. This will be followed by an exploration at the Green Pine Lake Trails area, and then that one and only……LOST LAKE TRAIL, at Ludington state park along Lake Michigan. Look for that Schedule to be released next week.

We hope to see all of you on one of the upcoming Hikes. Both old and new members!


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