WATER…….the Planets Life Blood

August 31, 2012

When I was growing up, in science class, the main focus taught, as the key to carbon based life, was the Sun. At that time, it was said that nothing could live or survive without the life giving rays of the Sun.
Well….with more research, especially in the deepest parts of the ocean, it was discovered, that there was life that survived without ever seeing the Sun. There was also life that didn’t need oxygen, or any of the standard things we have become accustomed to understanding, was a needed life support mechanism.
Science, and technology has provided us so much knowledge of life everywhere. Even deep medical science has advanced so far, that some things that have been discovered over the years, seem more like science fiction, then science fact.
But there is one common denominator in all these life studies, down to micro-organisms and even a virus. That one common denominator is WATER. Nothing hat we consider alive, on our planet, can survive without Water. Organism that do not need the sun, others that do not need oxygen, all need WATER to survive.
Really think about this for just a moment. Without water, life as we know it, would not exist on this planet. Even the smallest of life, the organisms we cannot even see with the naked eye, all need Water to live.
With this being so…….Water is the most important thing on this planet. Polluting it, harming it in anyway. Should be considered the highest of offenses an individual could produce, next to the direct harming of other life forms here. So why is that not so????????  Why is anyone aloud to dump anything into our waterways? Why is water truly not considered the planets life blood?  I have pondered this question, asked many people, some who are studied Biologists, Scientists and ecologists. None have given me an acceptable answer. How can there even be an acceptable answer or reason, on why we would put anything bad into out planets water……anywhere, for any reason.
Maybe it needs to start with each of us. Maybe if we showed the respect and responsibility that Water, the one thing that every organism we consider alive needs to remain alive, we can start to inform enough people who will join us in protecting Water everywhere, at the level it deserves.


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