Getting Lost is not a Waste of time

August 19, 2012

Once again…..I was sent into a deep thought process from one of Mark’s posts on Facebook. He posted this picture and words, saying, Getting Lost is not a waste of time. Those words could not be more true about some of the best outdoor experiences I have ever had.

In fact…….getting turned around or misguided while exploring new Park lands can lead to some amazing experiences. It is not always easy getting over that inborn fear of being LOST. Oh my God, we are all going to die! Not very likely. 🙂  Yes……maybe if we where exploring in the deep Rockies Mountains or some place along those lines, our concerns about just where we are at, all the time, is much more important. But here in Michigan, especially the lower peninsula, mearly heading in one direction consistently will in most cases, get you back to some sort of civilization.

Now……I am not making light of being aware of where you are at while Hiking or exploring, nor am I saying there is no danger what so ever in just aimlessly wandering the forests of Michigan. I am just saying that the fear we all have inside, as a safety mechanism, should not stop us from outdoor experiences that can be spectacular, by mearly getting lost a bit. 🙂


One comment

  1. I agree Rob! Sometimes it adds to the excitement of exploring a new area! I don’t always use a compass when I’m in a park, trail system or new hunting area. Little things, like making note of where the sun is, a tree that is taller than others or simply leaving little landmarks on the trail such as two logs or rocks on top of one another, will usually point me back to where my truck is parked. I would never attempt to explore a more rugged or isolated area alone, without some directional assistance though. One time while rabbit hunting in a new area, I did get a little twisted around and it started to get dark. I told my dog it was time to go and sure enough, she led us right back to the truck. Now how did she do that? 🙂

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