Staying in Touch with Nature

August 13, 2012

I was talking with my friend Mark Wilson, about a subject we discuss regularly in many different ways. For each of us……a consistent connection with the outdoors is a very important thing.

Since Mark is the director for HM North/Central, we both often discuss our connections with others out on the groups Hikes or around a campfire. This kind of interaction is very important to both of us. It not only lets us know what people are looking for in a Nature experience, but there is much to learn from other people’s observations of the Natural world.

These experiences both on the Trails and around the campfire, have great learning potential, as well as gives both of us a much better understanding of just how different people look at different aspects of the Outdoors.

Mark and I share these constant learning experiences with each other, regularly. We both learn alot from the regular Hikes and Hikers and what they see and how they see it.

BUT……..there is nothing like that alone, personal time in Nature, to do things that nothing else can do. Mark and I both agree, that we both actually need those personal times with Mother Nature. It is interesting that although there are some specific differences in how we each experience the Forest, alone, the overall experience is exactly the same. It is that time alone, along a Lake, or deep in the Forest that allows each of us to recharge our batteries. It is also this private time, while connecting with Mom Nature, that allows us both to study our own personal problems and life.

It is interesting that we both use this private time in the same ways. We have also discovered that there are many other people who do the same things. Nothing is as basic as our connections with the Natural world. They touch core feelings in most of us. Many times it is things I do not even understand to this day……..but I  am put into a place that allows me to best study myself, my life, and the life around me and my deepest of feelings. Without all the hectic world of so many things happening all at the same time, this peace and basic connections in Nature, send me in the right directions to at least start to understand my own life, or just to disconnect from all the garbage that can be the day to day world, and clear the slate to start it all again, when I get back.

This may all sound like gibberish unless you have headed out to that remote Pond or Overlook, and then say alone for awhile and cleared your head. Then all of a sudden, it will all click. Even if the only thing that happens is complete relaxation or peace of mind…….it will be like no other you have experienced before.


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