Boreal Forests

August 5, 2012

Recently on the HM Bulletin Board, we got a posting from one of Canadian friends. A Michigan born fellow who relocated to Ontario. A very nice and informative post, by the way. And it got me thinking of where I started and grew my love for the outdoors.

My parents of course nurtured these things and the respect for all living things through the Scouts and their hard work as working class parents with not much money, but plenty of ingenuity and will power. As a family and with the Scouts, we traveled, camped and explored Michigan almost exclusively. It was actually all we could afford, and I am sure glad for that now, because it aloud us to examine what still is my favorite type of environment…..the Boreal Forest.

So as I got older and wanted even more Boreal environments, I headed in the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and of course Canada. Algonquin, Kilarny, Lake Superior Provincial Park and all the wonderful places that make up our Canadian friends lands.

For some reason…..I guess time, business, and just life, sometimes makes you forget your roots, and I have not thought about the many adventures and explorations that have set the table for the rest of my life. Canada and our Upper Peninsula, both being the epitome of Boreal forests and environments, is what shaped almost everything to come, from there.

The primitiveness…..the Rocks……the feeling of/”This is where life began”, and the best examples of the interconnectivity of the natural world, that still amazes me to this day, have all groomed my life to head in the directions it has traveled. It is when I have real problems to solve, or need true relax time, or want answers to questions……I head alone to a Boreal environment. Or something as close to this kind of primitive world as I can muster, where ever I might be. The basics of this kind of environment, yet the interconnections to keep it all flowing, always gives me a sense of calm and hope.

It was nice to revisit many of those places from earlier points in my life today. And all triggered by a simple and kindly informative posting from an old Michigan Boy, now living in Canada. Thanks Mat…..for the trip back to my roots and why I am what I am, and do what I do.


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