Bits & Pieces

July 24, 2012

While I have been home recouping, I have been working with a number of people on Hiking Michigan improvements and changes. One of those have been the PARKS MAPS page on the web site. Lots of new maps there, as well as updated existing maps.

We are almost ready for the new HIKING STORE on the web site too. Logo-ed T-shirts and Fleece Vests, as well as Winter Hats. We have finally got ourselves a nice selection of Bumper stickers and Window decals. All of this has already been ordered and will be on line over the next two weeks. It’s exciting because we have never had any Logo-ed items here at Hiking Michigan. Nothing with our name on it. It will be nice to proudly wear a T-shirt or Vest that says I am a HM member.

Along with the Logo-ed items we are working on “earned and dedicated” PINS & Patches. What that means is that if you participate in our ORIENTEERING program, you will earn the Orienteering PIN. This will also be true for Kayaking, Survival, Backpacking and many other outdoor skills. “Beyond Eagle Scouts” is what I think we are calling this. A way for adults to participate in various outdoor programs and wear their outdoor earned PINS and Patches proudly.

We just passed another record here with our Quarterly NewsLetter. This last issue just crossed over 18,000 on line downloads. That’s amazing!!!!!!   But it is a great compliment to the wonderful writers and photographers that have worked hard to improve and grow the Outdoors Newsletter to this point.

So start roaming the HM web site again. Now and even more over the next few weeks, we will have many changes and additions there. That will also include a NEW HIKES Schedule too. We are hoping to get both the S.E.MI. group and the North/Central group, rolling again, with regular schedule Hikes and activities in September.

Hartwick Pines is still on the schedule, some Fall color Hikes, and some big plans for Island Trails maintenance for the early Spring of 2013. So we will see you all out on the Trails real soon. Even sooner out on the web site. 🙂


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