Conquering What?

July 23, 2012

Since I have had more time on my hands then usual, recouping from some ill health, I have noticed the many outdoor Events that have to do with Conquering something, or Winning in the outdoors. What is this all about?

I do not want to conquer anything in Nature. What is the point of being better then someone else at Kayaking or Hiking. What does that even mean. If I do not win, should I try and get better at Hiking? How do I do that? What does it get me?

Seems to me, that once I loose focus on why I even head out into the Parks & outdoors, all that I get from those experiences fade away. What am I left with. My trophies for being the best Kayaker? Being better then a Frog?

I have been watching, as our own state DNR pushes a program called…..”Conquering Recreation 101″. I guess this was set up so everyone can feel good about being better then the natural world. But I do not want to be better then the Natural world. I actually try to take in all that IS the natural world and learn from it. Enjoy the beauty and wonders that are our Natural world. I feel no urge to conquer any of it.

I really hope this mind set of Adventure racing and conquering nature just fades away as the bad idea it is. It shows our children the wrong things and does nothing for promoting respect for our environment. All it says is……I am better then Nature……and I am better then You. Very bad ways of thinking.


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