Why are Natural Resources so IMPORTANT

July 14, 2012

No matter what you like to do in the outdoors. Hike, Hunt, Fish, Bird, Geocache, Kayak, etc. a healthy and quality Natural Resources is required. In fact….a quality Natural Resources system, produces a quality outdoor recreational experience.

So why is it that our own Department of Natural Resources, does not understand this? The DNR seems to be in the business of outdoor Recreation 101 and not watching after OUR Natural Resources, as they where instructed to do by the people of the state of Michigan.

This has now passed any political stand or a way in thinking about these things. OUR DNR is required to watch after our lands and waterways, which belong to all the people in this state. The recent reports of Asian Carp DNA being found in Lake Erie is just another failure on this agencies abilities to do the jobs required of them.

They are focused on spending our money…..the money we gave them in PASSPORT support, believing it would be used to repair a crumbling infrastructure and to also start the attack on the enormous Invasive species over-run of our state. Instead……our DNR is building Adventure Centers in downtown Detroit. leasing Belle Isle from the city of Detroit and purchasing land for more one-way, Linear Bike Trails to nowhere.

Why do these people not get this? What is it they do not understand? Does Ron Olson, the head of Parks & Recreation for our DNR, think we do not have to tend to our Natural Resources, and all he has to do is control our outdoor Recreational experiences? I do not remember asking Ron to do this. Who says he is even capable of doing this if we did ask him. And we are not.

Invasive species……the DNR has ONE staff member to handle this in 11 Parks in S.E.MI.  The rest of the work is done by Volunteers from the public. Go ahead and even try and contact that one Steward for the DNR, responsible for Invasive species. Good Luck. Yet the name of our Agency is the DNR…..the Department of Natural Resources. Ask yourself what is wrong with this picture. Sorry……the DNR did put their stamp of approval on an ice-cream they now sanction.

It is time for some HUGE changes at our DNR. Time for many to retire, some to be fired and others to be looked at to even see if they are capable of doing their real jobs. protecting our NATURAL RESOURCES in our state. I think there are many DNR personal that have forgotten who they work for and what their jobs are. Maybe removing our support for the PASSPORT system will wake up our employees.


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