July 4, 2012

So……when I was a kid, it was the 4th of July. It was a holiday that I was connected with and understood well, because of my Scouting. In my 20s, the Holiday turned more into a few days off of work and a good reason to head to Tennessee and bring back some illegal Fireworks to shoot off for a few days of relaxation.

As time moved on, things moved full-circle and the 4th of July, once again became the special day when WE the PEOPLE celebrated our Independence, gained our Freedoms and Liberties and became the example most of the world would try and follow as a truly Free and democratic land, where the People ruled their own lives.

It’s interesting for me to look closely at myself these days because now, more then ever, I truly understand our Independence Day. I understand even what it would mean for the majority, to lay my life down in the protection of these Freedoms. It makes me understand how important the actions of our Solders are in keeping what appears to just be our Rights, in place and protected.

These are not just hand-me-down Rights. These are very important, “Earned” privileges we now hold here in the USA. Privileges worth dieing for. Rights worth defending. They are our Freedoms that allow each of us to pursue whatever we wish in life. Something that requires great sacrifices and alot of protection.


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