Conquer Nature????????

June 14, 2012

I came across a recent Flyer from a new department at our DNR. The RECREATION 101 Program. I was appalled at what I saw.

Why in the world would I want to Conquer anything in Nature? And why would our DNR….the Department of Natural Resources, and the people we have appointed to take care of our Lands, Parks & Waterways, be promoting the conquering of anything in the outdoors?

Our DNR is suppose to be taking care of our Parks and Waterways here in Michigan, not promoting the conquering of it. Does this mean that any destruction to the environment along the way to conquering something in our Parks is OK? As long as we conquer it? I am embarrassed by all of this. This is how other states see Michigan? A place where it’s citizens are out to conquer their natural world. Masters of the Universe?

If this is how the new PASSPORT money will be spent, then count me out. Our own DNR wants to train and teach people how to conquer different things in the outdoors. What kind of lack of respect does this show to the Lands and Waterways they are suppose to be looking after? Have they lost direction here? What are they even doing in the Recreation business? It isn’t the Department of Recreation.

By providing quality Natural resources, we the people can decide on our own outdoor recreation. A quality natural resources will produce a quality outdoor experience. It is a very simple process. Clean waters, free of Invasive species produce quality fishing, swimming and other outdoor experiences. Lands that are not over-run by abusers, free of Invasive species and healthy, will produce all types of quality outdoor experiences. All of which we can decide upon for ourselves.

I am completely dismayed by this CONQUER the OUTDOORS stuff. I thought once that the DNR finally had financial support through the new PASSPORT system, that the long overdue repairs to our Parks would be made. That the Invasive species that in many places outnumber the native plants would be dealt with, and the infrastructure at most of our outdated Campgrounds would finally be repaired and updated.

Michigan has always been known through out the USA as the Woods & Waters state. Now….Invasive species rule most places and the people we have put in charge of taking care of our Natural resources are focused on Conquering Nature programs, Leasing Belle Isle, and purchasing buildings in Detroit to produce an “ADVENTURE CENTER” for conquering the outdoors. How very sad. 😦


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