June 13, 2012

I just sent out an email to the over 5,000 members here at Hiking Michigan, informing them there would be no HIKES going until August, due to some health issues I am having taken care of. I so hated to send out this email. here we are in the middle of summer and we are halting Hikes until late August. But I have had no choice in the matter.

So I send our these emails to everyone. Now normally, when I send out a full Group bulk email, for a HIKE or Event, I get a few emails in return, either asking for more details or info or mentioning something about the Hike. So after I set up the “Mailer” I went off to eat dinner. I expected that when I ca,e back to my office, I would find most of the emails would have been sent and I would have a couple of emails in my Return Box.

Instead…..the “Mailer” had only gotten through about half of the 5,000 member list and my In Box was loaded. I thought…..Great…..Something is all jammed up and now i have to figure out who got emails and who didn’t, and then there would be some people who would be getting duplicates, and so on.

That was not the case. The E-Mailer was moving slowly because I was getting so many instant responses to the Group email that was still going out. There where so many emails from so many of the members, wishing me Good luck in my upcoming procedures. It was overwhelming.

I was so bummed out to have had to even send out this Group email and not have Hikes scheduled until August, that it was the only thing on my mind. Pretty anal….Huh? I just want to say THANK YOU Hiking Michigan people for your support and good wishes here. They mean lot to me. Like this Group has. It just continues to show me how special this Group is and how it is like no other in this state. Real, sharing, outdoor lovin people. You have created the best Group around!

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