Your Presence is NEEDED

June 4, 2012

At the recent National Trails Day Event, I sat and had a conversation with a Naturalist Teacher. She does classes for youngsters about the outdoor world. Now…..I already consider this a wonderful thing in itself, but our conversation taught me so much more then just what she had to say about teaching youngsters about Nature.

I asked her how she handles the few kids who act up or just do not want to get into the whole thing. She told me that the presence of the majority of students, who are intrigued by the animals, insects and stories she is telling, feeds her with the enthusiasm to tolerate almost anything.

I had to soak this one up. Sounds like a good reason, but still hard to believe. So I thought about the mostly adult Hikes we do at Hiking Michigan. I thought on how some people come out with a not so enthusiastic attitude, or just run down from their daily lives that they forget what they came out for, altogether. And then I thought about a few people who’s mear presence is the spark for everyone, including myself as a Trail Leader.

Their attitude towards what is happening at a Hike is just superior. You can almost fell it in the air. You certainly can see it on their faces. I then realized they where the ones who feed me and many of the people who come out to our Hikes. Their selfless acts of enthusiasm and helpful natures, just cause a reaction in most people that becomes contagious and wonderful.

I thought deeper on this and started to remember story after story on how we may have gotten a grumbly crowd at a Hike and between these contagious people and the beauties of the natural world around us, we all would still end up having an outstanding time. I started to understand how and why most of the HM Hikes are such a great experience for almost every one. That joy and giving for no reasons other then the love for the outdoors and the wanting to show that to others was the key.

You can show people all the Cool stuff in the world out in Nature, but it is the true love, respect and joy of the beautiful natural world, by the instigators out on a Hike that not only makes an outdoor experience a learned one, but one that relaxes the mind and cures the soul.

So for you people, that come out to the HM Hikes and just be yourselves. Loving the outdoors, enthused by the amazing things we see, and wanting to show these things to everyone….YOU are why we have such great Hikes and Events. Thank You instigators. 🙂

Oh Ya…..for those of you who want to come out and make our Hikes something just for yourself, or want to use our gatherings for your own personal benefits in some manner. Just stay home.

One comment

  1. You are the inspiration for the positive vibe and happiness we feel as being a part of Hiking Michigan. Go forth and instigate my fellow hikers, it feels great and is contagious.

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