NTD Event Reviewed

June 4, 2012

I could go on and on for many paragraphs here, telling you of what a great time we all had, and how so many people Volunteered their time and money just to give others a great Day out in Nature, but instead, you should go to the FRIENDS Facebook page, PULL TOGETHER FOR NATURE, and take a look at all the smiling faces in the many photos there. They tell the whole tale.

Every year Hiking Michigan does something for National Trails Day. It is kinda our own special day, since the Trails are our own world year round on all the Hikes we do. But I must say…..after so many years of doing so many different Events and sponsoring different activities, this had to be the very best Event we have done for NTD.

Working with the FRIENDS of Oakwoods and the Nature Center staff was simply a wonderful experience. What an extraordinary group of people. I never seen such hard workers giving so much more then they needed to give.

So you may think I am just drooling on these people and Groups that participated in the NTD event. Well maybe I am, but for good reason. Anyone can put on an Event. But without the enthusiasm, and good will, it is just an Event. This NTD Event had an over abundance of good vibes, great Volunteers and alot of giving, that it just hung in the air for the day. Wish I could bottle this stuff.

Go and see some pictures at the FRIENDS page here:  PULL TOGETHER FOR NATURE

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