It’s not just TRAILS DAY

May 31, 2012

This Saturday is National Trails Day. Every year Hiking Michigan sponsors some Hike & Event to celebrate this day. It is not just another one of the uneventful calendar days of meaningless semi-holidays. To us here at HM, it is THE day.

Trails is what we are here at Hiking Michigan. We use them for everything we have done for over 14 years now, as a Hiking Group. The trails take us to places we could never get too without them. They reveal diverse habitats that intrigue and enlighten our lives. They bring us closer to the wonders that is the natural world.

We just do not use our Trails systems here at HM, we help maintain them through out the year. We trim and groom them, we rebuild them when needed and we watch over them from the abusives.

Our Trails are like the veins in our own bodys. They interconnect the beautiful places we all are so lucky to have in our state of Michigan. So even if you cannot come on out and join us this Saturday at Oakwoods Metro Park for our Trails Day gathering, then get out on your own and take a moment to remember what our Trails systems have done for you. Think about where they have led you and what they have taught you over the years.

Take a Hike. Take a Bird walk and listen as you travel. Explore a new trail and see where it leads you. New discoveries. New adventures, New learning experiences and new growth in your own lives. Enjoy this Trails Day and remember.


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